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November 19, 2012

Buzz Williams


Butler – 72
Marquette – 71

THE MODERATOR:  Coach Williams, some opening comments and then we'll take some questions.
COACH WILLIAMS:  I thought it was a great game.  We have the utmost respect for Coach Stevens, for Butler, for their players.  Disappointed in the loss, and encouraged by how hard our guys played.

Q.  Derrick and Jamil couldn't have played any better defense, I don't think.
COACH WILLIAMS:  I don't think so.  He shot it off one foot from behind his head from 40 feet.  It was contested.  As soon as the ball left his hand, I knew it was a basket.  The trajectory and everything was perfect.

Q.  I think they shot something like 50‑something percent and didn't turn the ball over in the second half.  Is there anything you can take from this and learn maybe in January, February?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I think any time you play in an environment like this you learn a lot.  I haven't seen the stats yet, but if they shot 57%, which I'm sure you've seen them, they've shot 57% and they had 15 offensive rebounds, and we had 14 turnovers and shot 54%, it's kind of the decision that you have to make.  Do you want to pay your credit card off with a higher annual percentage rate or your house?  You can't skew those numbers.  You can't.  I mean, we did outstanding work on 15 and 24, and then 21 and 23 after everything broke down just sent us straight to the basket, and shot lay‑up after lay‑up.  So they were 16 of 23 from the field with 11 points, 11 rebounds, 36 points.  Those two guys shot, what is that?  68% from the field?  It's amazing that we were even in the game if you just look at these numbers.  They shot 61 shots; we shot 49.  That's hard math.  Hard math to overcome.

Q.  Coach, you had some guys in foul trouble.  Trent fouls out.  How much of a factor was that?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I thought it was a factor both halves.  I think Trent had two fouls in the first half.  Derrick did, Juan did, Jamil did, Davante did.  Then in the second half, Trent had four, Juan had four, Jamil had four, Davante had four.  I think that's hard.

Q.  From what Vander did today, you're looking for a go‑to guy.  Do you think he might be able to do that a little bit?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I think number one I'm pleased with how Vander‑‑ how hard he played.  I didn't think he got out of his element.  I think he took one bad shot.  I think he's growing in his confidence.  Is he going to be the go‑to guy?  I don't know.  I think if you look at those guys that had foul issues, Davante played 16 minutes, Jamil played 14 minutes.  Juan played 22.  Which is probably about right for Juan.  Those numbers are not necessarily accurate.  I don't know that 37 for Van, and 32 for Junior is necessarily that high a number.  That's why we got beat, I thought Junior and Vander were good offensively.

Q.  Can you talk just a little bit about how Trent‑‑ is he totally engrossed in this team?  Has he totally made his presence felt for you guys this early in the season?
COACH WILLIAMS:  The best I've ever seen.  Absolutely the best I've ever seen.  Throughout my career I've been able to be a part of transfers and JUCO guys.  Never coached a guy that had a degree that was eligible to be on my staff.  But he's been unbelievable, unbelievable.  He broke three bones in his face on Tuesday, so we were off on Wednesday, and he couldn't practice Thursday.  We traveled here on Friday.  I didn't practice him yesterday, which was Saturday, or yesterday was Sunday.  I didn't practice him Saturday.  He did practice yesterday, so he was a little out of rhythm, I think.  But he has been phenomenal in regards to having both feet in every day.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
COACH WILLIAMS:  I never saw it.  Somebody said a kid's shoulder hit him.  Somebody said somebody's foot hit him when he was falling down.  All I remember is when it happened in the game, I just stepped on the floor like standing over him.  Then obviously he played the rest of that game.  He went home that night and he blew his nose, and whatever this is literally just puffed up so much like a balloon that it covered his face.

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