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May 29, 2004

Scott Drummond


SCOTT CROCKETT: Another good day. Your 38th birthday and you were a father just last month. I suppose leading up there at the Volvo PGA Championship is yet another thing to get excited about.

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, it's all happening at the moment, a lot going on. Yeah, obviously I was looking forward to this week. Possibly the biggest week of the year for me. With my birthday and Claire and Kiera, it was going to be a week to enjoy and to play well is a bonus.

SCOTT CROCKETT: You were not in the field at the close of entries; you were fourth reserve.

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, I was in fourth reserve. I knew it from previous years it was going to be touch and go if I got in and fortunately for me there was a couple of withdrawals last week. Very fortunate to be here, I suppose, but making most of it.

Q. When was it you knew you actually made it?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I think it was last week at Deutsche Bank.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Your daughter's name?


SCOTT CROCKETT: And she was born when?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: 29th of April.

SCOTT CROCKETT: You bogeyed the first?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, actually, I hit a pretty good tee shot. I just caught the collar of the thick rough on the left side, and I was struggling to reach the green. I left myself sort of a 40-yard pitch in, which I played really nicely to about two feet and had a complete horseshoe. Not necessarily the best way to start, missing a short putt.

Birdied the fourth. I hit drive, a good drive and a 5-iron into the middle of the green and 2-putted.

Bogey, just on the fringe, and only about 20 feet from the hole, rolled it four feet by and then missed coming back.

8, I hit it to about two feet. I actually got a bit of an unfortunate bounce off the banking on the side of the green but capitalized on that.

Hit a great shot into 9, an 8-iron to about three feet.

10, yeah, another good shot to about ten feet there. I hit 7-iron.

13, driver and then 9-iron to about 12 feet there.

18, hit 3-wood off the tee there. Second shot was going to be into the wind so it's possibly going to be a lay-up, had a pretty good yardage in. Hit a little rescue club to the front edge and two putts.

Q. Pressure building a bit, was it? TV cameras started arriving and all that?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Yeah, once I birdied 8, the 9 and 10 I figured I was going to be in a reasonably good position. Just making sure I wasn't looking at any leaderboards going around. Kevin, my caddie was keeping me focused on that. We were just trying to play one shot at a time. That's what we've come into the week trying to do and we have done it successfully so far.

Yeah, a little bit of pressure the last few holes. I wanted to get a nice solid finish. I know there are a couple of obviously tight driving holes coming in. You know, I had a couple of good ones which was on 16 and good chances on 16 and 17, just shaved the hole so nice to pick up one up at the last.

Q. Anything in particular that's making the difference this week that's helping your game?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I've not really been working on anything technically. I've been striking the ball pretty solid for most of the year, just not putting any scores together. Missing greens on the wrong side and obviously playing courses that are a lot tougher and a lot tighter than on the Challenge Tour.

I've been swinging it pretty good and striking the ball quite well. Just a case of perseverance, really. I suppose the only difference I can really think of, I keep saying it, but we were just trying to play one shot at a time, give it 100% on each shot and not thinking about building a score or thinking about anything that's happened on holes previous. Just looking forward to the next shot?

Q. What do you have to fall back on tomorrow? What has been the biggest pressure situation?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I mean, I suppose, I had a pretty consistent year on the Challenge Tour last year, a lot of Top-10s early on which took a lot of pressure off. So I suppose I was fairly secure in the Top 15 placing last year so there wasn't so much pressure there.

Two years ago I played with Retief the final two days in the Dimension Data at Sun City, and at the time he was obviously -- he still is, I suppose, the biggest sort of superstar that I've played with. So that was very nerve-wracking. And to be playing with him at Sun City where he is sort of the local hero and knows the course really well, that was a big pressure situation for me.

But I played nicely. I think he beat me by three shots in the end. So I've got, you know a bit of experience there, that I can draw on. And I've got a good caddie, like I say, Kevin, who keeps me focused, focused on the job.

Q. What's the biggest check you've made?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I've won a couple of Challenge Tour events, but they weren't that big. So it would probably be about 14,000 pounds, I would say, something like that.

Q. Do you know what your World Ranking is?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Do I know? I know it was around -- well I think I got to about 270 and it dropped down near 400 now.

Tonight hopefully Claire and I are going to sneak out and leave Kiera with Claire's mom for a few hours. This is the first week that Claire has come away with me, Claire has been away for a few times, but with Kiera, it's been a little bit stressful at times, obviously. There's a lot to deal with when it's your first baby. We've just kind of sat in the room and had take-away most nights this week. So it would be nice to get out and hopefully have a nice meal just the two of us.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Many thanks, Scott.

End of FastScripts.

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