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May 30, 2004

Scott Drummond


Q. How does this compare with what you've won before?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: It's a little bit more than I've won in the past. I think this check biggest check was probably about 14,000 pounds on the Challenge Tour. I really can't comprehend it at the moment. I stayed focused out there and I wasn't thinking about winning, I wasn't thinking about the paychecks. I just got on with my game and it's a dream. I can't believe it.

Q. Take us through the afternoon, because there you were, in the final pairing in the PGA Championship with Angel Cabrera. It was a strange sort of start, all of the big galleries with Singh and Els and Faldo; it was low key on the first tee.

SCOTT DRUMMOND: It was nice, actually. Different compared to the other two days. It was just great. The crowds certainly built up once we got going, but it was a nice, relaxed start.

At times I had to keep reminding myself, it was Sunday at the PGA. It did seem quite surreal out there.

Q. And the birdies and big putts started dropping. 13, for example?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: 13, let me think, yeah, it was a straight putt up the hill, just got a bit firm with it. Actually thought I hit it harder than that. My putting has been solid all week. I missed a few short ones, over the course of four days but you're always going to. I just went out there today and I wanted to give every putt a decent run at the hole. My putts today didn't have a lot of break in them, and I just had to be positive with them rather than cozying them up to the hole.

Q. Was it 14 that you saw you were leading at the top of your leaderboard?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: I honestly didn't even know coming up the last. I didn't look I purposely didn't look at a leaderboard all the way. I knew I was probably up there near maybe tied.

On the 18th, I didn't look at the board was like, I'm not going to look, you're going to have to tell me. Obviously, the cheer from the crowd told me , and Kevin's eyes, as well. I knew we had done it. As I said, I can't take it all in.

I just wanted to play my own game. I played 17 three days out of four, I played it in three shots. Same on 18, I got in the mindset there that I was going to take a 3 wood, and if I got in a good position, I may have a go, but it's probably going to be three shots. I knew my wedge play was really good and putting has been absolutely fantastic today, so I knew I would have a chance.

Q. You still had that final wedge into 18, how did you manage to keep your mind clear at a moment like that?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Somehow I've been able to do it this week. I felt more nervous over the last six holes yesterday than I have done today. I felt totally relaxed. It was quite surreal. I was swinging well, putting well, obviously, and felt good from the word go since this morning on the range. I don't know why, but, yeah, I just felt relaxed all day. At some points on the back nine, I barely knew what score I was on.

Q. You tied the championship record of Anders Hansen of 19 under par. So how is it going to change things for you?

SCOTT DRUMMOND: Well, I think it's going to change everything, obviously. All of the exemptions I'm going to have I don't know what other tournaments this might get me into, and the financial aspect. Claire and I just had a young baby four weeks ago, Kiera. First year on Tour, it's always expensive to start playing on this tour. At times you wonder, what am I going to do next year, and with Kiera coming along, obviously I wanted to be financially secure. Couldn't ask for more, I suppose.

End of FastScripts.

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