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November 18, 2012

Rick Barnes


JAY BILAS:  First of all, thanks for noting that I was a graduate of Duke.  It only took me 12 years to get that.  And I'm really proud of it.  I did major in math.
Next up is the head coach of Texas, Rick Barnes.  He's been at Texas now for 14 seasons, and has gone to 27 straight NCAA Tournaments.  (Laughter).
Rick is a member of the Lenoir‑Rhyne College Hall of Fame, which shows you how easy it is to get into the Lenoir‑Rhyne College Hall of Fame.
Rick has done an extraordinary job at Texas.  He was an outstanding head coach at Providence and Clemson before he went with the Longhorns and took Texas to the 2003 Final Four, and I'm sure is going to have something witty to say about what I said about him.  Rick Barnes.
COACH BARNES:  No, I'm just going to tell the truth.  I think it was 1981, and I was an assistant coach at George Mason University.  And I think Jay was a freshman.
And when he arrived at Duke they were trying to play that real aggressive man‑to‑man defense.  He got a little bit too close to a player by the name of Carlo (indiscernible).  And I enjoyed watching Jay pick his two front teeth up off the floor.
JAY BILAS:  That's actually true.
COACH BARNES:  It is true.  But Jay has been great for college basketball.  And I love the trip that we went on, what, a couple of years ago to Kuwait.  Had a great time.  It's great being here.
And our team‑‑ I don't think I've ever coached a team where we just have freshmen and sophomores, no upper classmen that were recruited.  It's been a fun group to be with.  We think we're going to be good.  And this next couple of days is going to give us a chance to grow, and we're looking forward to it.

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