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November 18, 2012

Peter Lawrie


PETER LAWRIE:  Last round was good, didn't get off to a great start, bogeyed the first, other than that, played great golf and gave myself lots of chances.
Unfortunately didn't take enough chances but you know, if somebody said to me I was going to go out and shoot 66 today, I would have taken it because it's a tough golf course and it's easy to shoot kind of level par, 1‑over here, and you get passed by the field.  I was very happy.

Q.  You came here as 60th in The Race to Dubai, going to be a Top‑5 finish and you're going to be playing next week in Dubai.  How good and important was that?
PETER LAWRIE:  Very, really.  I haven't missed it since the start.  So I've been playing there the last three years.  So it would have been very disappointing to miss it.
So coming in here there was a lot of pressure on me, or I put it on myself, anyway, for sure.  But really happy with the way I've handled myself all week and I've been very steady, very consistent and just looking forward to next week.

Q.  Surely very positive to have such a good result going into the last tournament of the season.
PETER LAWRIE:  It is, yes, and a little bit later start now on Thursday week.  Hopefully I can give it a run.  I'm playing nicely.  Hit the driver down the fairway and hole a few putts, and you never know.

Q.  Proud of your efforts after what you said there, having to focus?
PETER LAWRIE:  I was, yeah.  You know, as I said I put a lot of pressure on myself coming in here.  Made it awkward on myself being in 60th position, missing the cut in Singapore.  Would have been very disappointing to miss.
But, thankfully, I've played lovely.  Played very solid all week and putted quite nicely for a change, so you know, it's a good week overall.

Q.  And you should be proud that you've stayed right in the hunt, right until the back nine at least.
PETER LAWRIE:  I gave it a run and I played with Freddie there.  He played lovely golf and holed some putts to be fair to get ahead of me and I just couldn't reel him in at all.  No matter what I did, I couldn't get a start on him at all.
But, look, I've shot 11‑under for four rounds, played nicely and I'm quite happy.

Q.  And Dubai rubber stamps the year; as you say, you've always made it, but Top 60 is an achievement.
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, you would be sitting at home unhappy not playing Dubai, and that's the way I would have felt.  Delighted to be going there and looking forward to a good week.

Q.  As an ever‑present, how has it changed and developed and matured?
PETER LAWRIE:  I think it's matured very well.  Golf course is superb.  It's very difficult, I have to admit, and if you're out early in the morning, it's even more difficult.  Ball doesn't fly as far and it doesn't run out.  So you really need to get a few mid‑day starts to give yourself a chance, but it's a very good golf course and I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  When we first saw the Earth Course, we thought it was a work‑in‑progress, because we are always amazed with Dubai, how good things are from nothing.  But, I think over the last few years, it really has grown, hasn't it, and just in the way you play it, there's so much more and so many nuances to the course.
PETER LAWRIE:  There is, yes.  Having played it over the last couple of years, you know what I mean, you kind of see how the changes have been sort of improving and you just look forward to getting back there really.

Q.  Climate and everything to your liking?
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, what beats the sun.  Better than being at home in cold weather.  Delighted to be going next week.

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