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November 17, 2012

Alex Corretja

Marcel Granollers

Marc Lopez


3‑6, 7‑5, 7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome here the team of Spain.テつ We will start with the press conference.

Q.テつ You said that you had confidence after London.テつ You took the first set easily.テつ What went wrong after that?
MARC LOPEZ:テつ (Through translation.)テつ We were confident and we have played a good match. テつWe were close to them.
Obviously we did very well in the first set.テつ The second one was close also and the third one was close, so it was a close match.

Q.テつ What is particularly the problem that top singles players present in doubles, to a doubles team?
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ (Through translation.)テつ Well, they are both great singles players.テつ They adapted to the surface of the court.
They were better than us.テつ Just have to say, It's okay, great for them.

Q.テつ Marcel, you didn't seem to have a problem throughout the game.テつ Then suddenly in the last set you gave up your serve very easily.テつ Was that due to the pressure by the crowd and the situation?
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ (Through translation.)テつ I was very good serving today, but in that set I couldn't make even one first serve.テつ When you don't make the first serve good, with these kinds of players, it's pretty difficult.

Q.テつ You started the match very well.テつ You didn't look nervous at all.テつ Was it true?テつ Were you really relaxed and cool, even for a Davis Cup final?
MARC LOPEZ:テつ (Through translation.)テつ We were nervous because this is a final of Davis Cup.テつ We tried our best.テつ We are a little bit disappointed because we didn't win, but we did as well as we could.テつ We are happy for that.

Q.テつ Alex, how difficult will it be to win the singles matches tomorrow and do you think in this situation the Czech team is favored?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ It will be as difficult as for them.テつ They are two matches; we need to win both.テつ They have two matches.テつ If they win one, they are the winners.
We cannot make mistakes.テつ They can make one mistake.テつ But we need to wait 'cause our players, they did very well yesterday.テつ They played very well.テつ We knew that this could happen, going 2‑1 down after the Saturday.
It is not that is surprising us a lot.テつ It's just we were trying and they were a little bit better today.テつ We didn't take our chance, as Marc said, at 5‑All to serve for the set, go up two sets to love, which could change everything.
But tomorrow there are two matches.テつ We are ready.テつ We are ready.

Q.テつ Alex, do you think the fact that David and Nicolas have had a break today will benefit them tomorrow?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ I said that yesterday, that tomorrow we will see if finally is it true that for the Czech guys it paid off, the effort they did.
For the moment, they are very tired, but they are 2‑1.テつ I would love to be very tired and be 2‑1, as well.

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