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November 16, 2012

Ricardo Santos


Q.テつ Thoughts on the day?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Really nice, I played really solid to the green, fairway, green, I played really well today.テつ So the score, nine birdies, reflects that.

Q.テつ Have you done something different compared to the opening day, which was much more modest in terms of scoring?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Well, I tried to play similar.テつ Yesterday I don't putt really well, made the same bogeys.テつ Well, today, I played a little bit better, and putted really nice.

Q.テつ So it's the form on the greens that's made the difference?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Definitely.

Q.テつ Why is that?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Because when you play‑‑ when you start to putt well, it gives you more confidence to hit the shots on the greens.テつ So probably that's why the big difference between yesterday and today.

Q.テつ So are you going to praise Genworth for their influence, because you played in their putting competition last night.テつ Sadly, it was a Spain/Portugal affair that didn't go your way, but you putted well.
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ Well, I give the opportunity to Pablo to win; it's his sponsor, so I give him the opportunity to win.テつ But it's good fun, and I just‑‑ well, I lost in a playoff, so it's really nice, and it's important for charity, the money for children, so that's good.

Q.テつ We hear how the wind is swirling around here, I take it it's every bit as much out on the course amongst the trees.テつ How difficult is that?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ It's very tough, because the wind is not consistent, so sometimes it blows more and sometimes less; you choose the right club, sometimes it's not that easy.テつ Well, there it is.

Q.テつ One other thing.テつ What are your thoughts on being Rookie of the Year for The European Tour?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Well, I'm going to try hard on the weekend for that, and then we'll see.テつ I think I still have a chance.テつ And then like I say, I'm going to try my best.

Q.テつ Because you are one of the few champions amongst the rookies this season, aren't you?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, I won in Madeira, and I think I'm the only rookie that won this season.

Q.テつ Would it mean a lot?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, it means a victory (laughing).テつ Yeah, it means I have a chance to win the Rookie of the Year, but we'll see.テつ You never know, the other rookies are doing very well, as well.テつ We'll see.

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