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November 15, 2012

Nicolas Almagro

Alex Corretja

David Ferrer


THE MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome the team of Spain.テつ We will start the international part of the press conference.テつ Please, your questions in English.

Q.テつ Captain, David Ferrer starting, is that what you wanted?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ Well, in this occasion, we need to play two matches tomorrow.テつ But if they will let me choose, I would rather have David first, yes, because he played more finals, he's got more experience.
But I know each point is different.テつ It doesn't secure that you will win or you will lose the first or the second match.テつ But on this time, I prefer David to start because of his experience in this competition.

Q.テつ Captain, do you feel more or less that Spain is in the same situation like four years ago when you arrived in Argentina?テつ Is it more or less the same situation, without Rafa, et cetera?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ It's similar, but it's different.テつ We are more relieved because we know that we did it already, and we know that Spain has won five times in the last 10 years or 12 years, and we won in Argentina.
We don't have the sensation that we need to show that Spain is able to win outside.テつ That gives us a little bit more of a relaxed situation, knowing we did it once, why couldn't we do it again.

Q.テつ Alex, you brought five players here.テつ Can you explain the thinking behind not playing Feliciano Lテδウpez?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ Yeah, of course.テつ We need to bring five guys just in case we need to make any changes.テつ I stay with my four players because I think these are the four that we have more chances to win this weekend.

Q.テつ David, what do you think about your matchup?テつ And, Nicolas, what do you think about your matchup tomorrow?
DAVID FERRER:テつ I think tomorrow is going to be a very difficult match against Radek, no?テつ Always when I played with him, it was a very close matches.
I remember the final in 2009, it was amazing match.テつ This time it's going to be similar match on another surface.テつ But I will have to play my best tennis for to beat him.
NICOLAS ALMAGRO:テつ Well, I think will be tough, for sure.テつ It's a final.テつ It's another match.テつ Every match is different, but it will be tough.
We are ready to fight, to do our best on court, and we will fight every point like a final.

Q.テつ David, can you tell us how this surface is different.テつ Is it a lot quicker than the surface you played on in London last week?
DAVID FERRER:テつ Well, is very different.テつ This court is faster than London or Paris Bercy.テつ We know that, no, before to came here.テつ We know that this surface was fast.テつ Is normal.
Anyway, I think we have a very good team.テつ We play very good in this type of surface.

Q.テつ Alex, how much more confident are you of winning the doubles than, say, six months ago?
CAPTAIN CORRETJA:テつ Well, they start this year to play together.テつ They've been showing that they're a very strong team.
I'm very confident with all my four players here, and of course with the fifth one, Feliciano, supporting us.
We came here to try to win three points, and that's what we're going to try to do.テつ I feel very confident with all of them actually.

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