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November 15, 2012

Lorenzo Gagli


LORENZO GAGLI:  Very, very good, consistent from the tee to the green.  Many fairways and many greens, so very consistent.  I miss a few putts the first nine holes but I holed three or four putts from a long distance, so I'm very happy for today.

Q.  And this has been in tricky conditions with the breeze?
LORENZO GAGLI:  Yeah, the course is really tricky and with this wind it's not easy to putt the ball on the fairway and the greens.  I'm very proud.

Q.  We haven't spoken much this season, but there have been signs that the game has been coming?
LORENZO GAGLI:  I have my card for next season, and next year will be a great year for me I think.

Q.  Last year was a great year for you, but you probably expected a lot.
LORENZO GAGLI:  Yeah, but I have to improve my score and my results.

Q.  Is there any reason for it this year, why it didn't follow on?
LORENZO GAGLI:  No, because the game wasn't good at the beginning of the year, it's not easy to play when you haven't the card yet.
So a lot of pressure and it's not easy to play like this, but now I'm very confident for next year.

Q.  I guess when you're still chasing a career, still chasing the job for the next year, you worry a bit more and have a few more doubts?
LORENZO GAGLI:  You never know.  I work hard with my coach to have a great game tee‑to‑green.  I know I have to improve my short game, but I have one month to improve with my coach now.

Q.  Inspired my Matteo winning on Sunday?  You were I think the only one to celebrate with him?
LORENZO GAGLI:  He's unbelievable, that guy.  He's just 19 years old and his mind is unbelievable.

Q.  Sounds silly to learn from a teenager, but do you find yourself watching him and learning a little?
LORENZO GAGLI:  I hope; I hope to learn from Matteo and Molinari brothers.  I play many practise rounds this year with them, and I hope to catch something from them.

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