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August 5, 2005

Geoff Ogilvy


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Geoff, for joining us. Great finish. Two birdies down the stretch. Talk about the day a little bit and then we'll go into questions.

GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, I played well. Kind of had a funny start. I pulled it off the first tee, it hit the cart pass. Evidently, I don't know this for a fact, but it hit a house, bounced back inbounds. Unlucky that it hit the house, but pretty lucky it bounced back inbounds. Went on to make a par, then birdied the 2nd hole. That was kind of the way I played. I played pretty nicely.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Questions, please.

Q. Hit it left?

GEOFF OGILVY: I hit it left. It wasn't that bad a shot. Left to right wind. It could have easily got hit by the wind a little bit. Only six or seven yards off the fairway. There's a cart pass right there. It either hit a tree or house to stay inbounds. It wasn't going to stay inbounds if it didn't hit anything, so.

Q. The other Ogilvie is playing pretty well. Can you talk about some of the things you have gone through with some of the mix ups and such?

GEOFF OGILVY: Well, I mean, all year we've had that question. We've both started kind of playing well at the same time. It seems every time he plays well, I play well. We followed each other on the World Ranking and the Money List a lot earlier this year, then I think he jumped in front of me.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Did you play together earlier this year?

GEOFF OGILVY: We played together twice, I think, yeah. It's quite funny. I get a lot of his stuff in my locker. The first time this week I got asked, "Can you sign next to your brother, please," because Joe's signature was on his hat and he wanted me to sign next to my brother. Just little stuff like that. I mean, you get the, "C'mon, Joe. Go Blue Devils," because he is a Duke guy. There's a bit of confusion. It's a bit of fun because we're both playing well, so it's kind of nice.

Q. (No microphone.)

GEOFF OGILVY: It was longer than probably it was on Tuesday. It plays long all the time. Even though the ball goes a long way here, it's still a long golf course. The par 5s, with the exception of 17, now that they play 8 off the back tee every round, it's pretty long, I mean, every hole.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Do you feel like the course is drying out quickly or not?

GEOFF OGILVY: A fraction maybe, but not a lot. The greens aren't spinning back crazy. The greens handled it pretty well. The fairways are very wet. The ball is backing up on the fairway. This kind of place, it's necessary, and it will be tomorrow, I assume. They're probably going to have to do it for another day.

I didn't hit it in casual water once. Drained pretty well. Considering the rain they had for that 12 hour period or something from like the ProAm through to last night, more than 12 hours, 24 hours, you'd think there would be casual water anywhere. I didn't have one drop today. Neither did Jonathan or Ryan. It's drained pretty well.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Let's go through the clubs you used for your birdies, eagles.

GEOFF OGILVY: 2nd hole I hit 3 wood just into the right rough, sand iron to 15 feet, made it.

8, I think it's 8, driver, 3 wood actually onto the green, way up the back. Pin is right up front. I was close to the back. Had a good 2 putt from pretty much however long that green is, that's how long my 2 putt was. A pretty good 2 putt.

9, I hit actually driver in the left fairway bunker, hit a good shot out to about 20 feet, made a good putt for birdie above the hole.


GEOFF OGILVY: 11, I hit it right. I got lucky again and actually hit the tree that's next to the bunker on 11. It actually bounced short of the water. It could easily have bounced in the water; it could have been bounced on the green; could have just missed it and gone in the bunker. If it had gone in the water, I guess you consider that unlucky. Bouncing back the tee side of the water is probably you would say a fair break. Didn't get up and down.

15, 3 wood, sand iron to two feet maybe.

17 was a driver, 5 iron just off the green, and 2 putted. Just off the green to the left, 2 putted.


GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, from 10 feet off the green, six feet off the green.

18 was a driver, 9 iron, five feet right of the hole, made it.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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