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November 12, 2012

Marcel Granollers

Marc Lopez


M. GRANOLLERS‑M. LOPEZ/M. Bhupathi‑R. Bopanna
7‑5, 3‑6, 10‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Your partnership with Marc, it came about because of Davis Cup or not?
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ No, no, we are friends long time ago.テつ So we decide to play this year some tournaments.
We play very good.テつ We finish here winning the Masters, so it's incredible for us.

Q.テつ Obviously it's helped Spain's Davis Cup chances.テつ Now you have a strong doubles team.
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ You mean for the next week?

Q.テつ For the final.テつ Normally Berdych and Stepanek are a given in doubles.
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ The doubles is always very close matches.テつ Two points can decide the match.テつ They have a strong team with Radek and Tomas.テつ They play with the surface who they choose, so it's difficult for us.
But we will try our best.

Q.テつ Why is it you two have gelled or played so well together?テつ What is the reason?テつ Why are you playing so well?
MARCEL GRANOLLERS:テつ We don't know.テつ We try to play as best as we can always, no?テつ I think we have very good relationship.テつ So I think that's one of the key of our success.

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