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March 24, 2005

Bob Estes


Q. Talk a little bit about your round.

BOB ESTES: I made a lot of birdies out there today. The course obviously is not playing as hard as it has in years past because there's been rain and the greens are soft, which makes it easier. I just made a lot of birdies. My putting was real solid except for the one three-putt that I had, and I just hit a few loose shots that cost me a couple of bogeys.

Overall I'm pleased and I'll just keep working at it.

Q. Did you play well in your practice rounds?

BOB ESTES: Actually I spent so much time practicing, maybe partially because of the weather, but mainly because I was working on some things and practicing really hard, I just played nine holes Monday night and played the front nine, and then early Wednesday morning I played the back nine. I've played this golf course so many times, it's not like I had to go around it two or three or four times to feel comfortable on it. I could have gone out there without a practice round for the most part and felt like I knew exactly where to go.

Obviously when things are wet, it kind of changes things somewhat.

Q. Is this one of your favorite courses or --

BOB ESTES: I like it. It's always been a real difficult course for me to play. In the past it's been a longer golf course, but now the -- everybody is hitting it further, so it's not as long as it used to be.

I've never hit the ball high, and a lot of times when the greens are firm you have to hit the ball high. I have the short game to handle the firmness of the greens and the complexity of the greens, but it's been hard for me to hit enough greens to give myself enough birdie opportunities, but right now with the greens softer, I'm hitting more greens.

Q. Thanks a lot, good luck.

End of FastScripts.

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