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November 10, 2012

Charlie Wi


Q.テつ There are a lot of wild rides at this magic kingdom.テつ You took us on one today.テつ Awful lot of good.
CHARLIE WI:テつ Yeah, we had a really nice pairing with Charlie Howell and Matt Jones.テつ We were playing really well until the last couple holes.テつ But, you know, the last three holes out here at the golf course a really difficult here.
I know we didn't finish the way we like it today, but we'll get 'em tomorrow.

Q.テつ There is a little run you can make through the early part of back side, and you took advantage of it.テつ What, 10 and then 13 and 14?
CHARLIE WI:テつ Yeah, on this golf course, even on the front nine (indiscernible) are birdieable, and then you come in and you have to hold on to it.
On the back nine it's the same thing.テつ You got to take advantage of those holes when you can.
You know, like you saw this finish like I did today, it's easy to make bogeys out there.テつ Hopefully I'll make some birdies early and hold on.

Q.テつ For a guy who is a good putter, you work harder on your putting, it seems to me, than any other part of your game?テつ What's going to be the key for you tomorrow?
CHARLIE WI:テつ I think it's just calming my nerves down.テつ The putt on the last hole just lost a little bit of rhythm and just hit it ‑‑ I just killed it.
So I learned from that.テつ I'll get it going tomorrow.

Q.テつ You have knocked on the door a bunch of times this year.テつ You've got a smile on your face.テつ You seem excited about Sunday.
CHARLIE WI:テつ Yeah, I feel like before I probably would have let me ‑‑ it would've bothered me a lot more than it is now.テつ I know that my game is good enough.テつ I know I can still make mistakes and be near the lead, so I feel pretty comfortable with that.

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