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May 30, 2004

Bob Estes


Q. Great putt on 18, Bob.

BOB ESTES: Yeah, that was nice to see it drop. I made some amazing pitch shots today, two for birdies and one for eagle, so I holed out three times from off the green today.

So I thought I was out of good luck, and then that last putt just top would over the edge and it was great to see.

Q. A lot of people talked about this being a battle for second. Right now it looks like you are it.

BOB ESTES: Yeah, I hope so. I know Brian is struggling on 17, I'm one shot ahead of him, but yeah, if I wasn't able to catch David, second is always better than third, so that's what I was trying to do.

Q. The success you've had on this track before, did that help you despite the conditions today and throughout the last four days help you out?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, I know this course very well. I know how to play it. I don't always execute, but just knowing the golf course and knowing I've had some success here really helps. Even if things aren't going well for you at the time, I usually know something good is about to happen when I'm playing here.

Q. Talk about the conditions today compared to Thursday. Were they the same or worse today?

BOB ESTES: I would say they're worse. I think the conditions today were probably comparable to the morning on Thursday except for the fact that the greens were probably still harder on Thursday. That was definitely the toughest time to play, and actually Thursday afternoon was probably the toughest time to play, but this was very difficult with the pins in the corners, the wind not just blowing hard but gusting, changing directions, and so it was just real difficult to pull the right club, make the right decision, get the ball anywhere near the hole.

Q. You said second is better than third. Is there some drama for you going for second place on a day like today when David has the lead?

BOB ESTES: Sort of. To tell you the truth, kind of like when you're leading a golf tournament sometimes or you're in contention some guys don't like to look at the leaderboard, if I was in contention to win the golf tournament, I almost always pay attention to the leaderboard, but in this situation I knew I just needed to just keep hitting quality shots and hopefully make a pitch shot or a putt like I did at the end to give myself that opportunity.

Q. And a heckling of a lot more money.

BOB ESTES: And a whole lot more money, yeah, second alone versus tied for third, so that last putt was sweet to see drop.

Q. Remark about the proposed changes. I know you've played this course so many times. From what you've heard will the changes be something that will improve the course?

BOB ESTES: I really don't know much about the changes except that they're going to Bermuda grass on the greens and they're going to extend the fronts short of the green as far as having Bermuda there, as well, so you can bounce the ball up.

I really don't know too much about other changes that they're going to make structurally or architecturally or however you want to say it. Hopefully they'll change things that need to be changed and they'll leave things alone that are fine the way they are.

Q. Would it change your ability to come back here? Will you still like this --

BOB ESTES: I'm sure I would still be back. I would hardly ever miss this tournament except occasionally it's the week before a major championship and I usually do not like to play the week before a major. I like to go in early on the weekend before and give myself some time to prepare because you never know when the tournament the week before is going to run into Monday or Tuesday, but I doubt if they could mess it up to the point where I wouldn't come back.

Q. Do you prefer May or June for this tournament?

BOB ESTES: Actually it just kind of depends, not so much the time of the year for me as it is where it fits in the schedule.

My last two weeks were the Byron Nelson and The Colonial. I usually just play two weeks in a row. Usually I would play those two tournaments and take a week off, but obviously I'm glad I went ahead and played three in a row.

End of FastScripts.

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