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November 9, 2012

Matt Jones


Q.  Matt, your best round of the year, by two.  Well done.  64.
MATT JONES:  Thank you.  Yeah, I finally made some putts.  First time this year, it feels like.  So it was a good time to do it.  Better late than never, so hopefully we can keep going.

Q.  Talk to me about these greens.  Everybody has just raved about them.  Maybe the best they've ever been here?
MATT JONES:  Definitely.  This is my fifth year here, fourth year.  They're perfect.  There are very subtle breaks on them.  The grain doesn't really seem to be affecting the ball that much.  So they're really good.

Q.  Your game starting to come around a little bit?  I know it's been a tough year, but you obviously feel good about the putter getting better.  The rest of the game coming around, too?
MATT JONES:  Yeah.  If I putted how I do normally, I wouldn't be in this situation right now.  So that's the only thing that's been a bit different this year.  And that's what's pressuring other parts of your game so then you try to press in different areas.  No.  I didn't hit it well yesterday but spoke to my coach and figured some things out and hit it really well today.

Q.  You rallied, though, yesterday later on in the round when you needed to.
MATT JONES:  Yeah.  I hit some horrendous tee shots yesterday into the hazards.  So we figured that out and didn't hit one shot like that today.  So hopefully we're ready for the weekend.

Q.  One of the beauties of this tournament is you get to pick your partner a little bit.  Having your old college buddy, Chez, with you obviously made it a great walk.
MATT JONES:  It's always fun playing with Chez.  He's a very good player and he keeps himself in check emotionally which is very good to see.  So I actually learn from watching him play because I'm a little more emotional than he is.  And he would probably say the other way around, too.  He says I'm very laid back.
He could have let it go out there today a couple of times, but he kept himself in check, and hopefully I think that should be good enough to make the cut.

Q.  I think he is.  You obviously are after a great 64.  Congratulations.  Good luck this weekend.
MATT JONES:  Thank you.

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