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November 7, 2012

Tomas Berdych


T. BERDYCH/J. Tsonga
7‑5, 3‑6, 6‑‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ The two breakpoints you saved at the beginning of the third were obviously a key moment of the match.
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Oh, yeah, sure.テつ That was the moment, yeah, I would say of the match.テつ Jo had some chances the beginning of the third set.テつ I was able to hold.テつ Then once I get my first chance in the third set, I took it.テつ That was the difference between us today.

Q.テつ It explains why he forgot to change his seat on the changeover after the first game.
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ I didn't even watch.テつ Maybe he was tired.テつ Really, I didn't see it.テつ So, no.

Q.テつ Many of the players that are playing the Davis Cup final are here.テつ Is it too much or you are used to it?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ No, first I'm here.テつ I needs to do well here.テつ That's my first step.テつ There is another one, which is the next week in Prague.テつ Definitely I'm not thinking about it now.
I have a lot to do here.テつ It makes me really busy.テつ Once I'm done here, I'm going to try to, you know, put all the rest energy what's left in my body, you know, try to get prepared again and, you know, try to come to the Prague and be ready for the final.

Q.テつ Going into the final match with Novak, is it quite tough going in knowing you could win and still go out or you could win a set and go through, the mathematics involved, or do you focus on the match?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, I don't like mathematics at all.テつ I will try to play tennis, and that's it (smiling).
I might have something similar last year with David Ferrer, you know, when there was some calculation, if I win a set, it's enough, that's it.
No, I go for it again.テつ I will try my best.テつ You know, it's the opponent that I didn't beat more than once.テつ So it would be nice to be successful.テつ But Novak just show how great he's playing right now and that he deserve to be No.1 player in the world.
So, you know, it's a huge challenge for me.テつ But the other hand, you know, he already has two wins, so let's see what's going to be in that last match.

Q.テつ Did you watch his match today?テつ Do you have in mind a certain way you feel you can hurt him?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, yeah, I seen the match.テつ Not whole.テつ I saw it from end of the second set.
You know, of course I have a plan.テつ It's going to be important to keep with my game.テつ Andy is playing a different game to me.テつ Every single match is way different.テつ So I will try to do my routine before the match, try to get ready for it.テつ I hope that we will try to find some tactics that is going to be working.

Q.テつ Players right now have managers, coaches, physios.テつ You don't have any accountant that can help you for calculations?テつ You're not going to hire somebody to tell you, That's enough, you're already in?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ No, definitely not.テつ I think I still have many people for me to count that and think about that.
The important one actually who are the closest to me, even if they would see it's enough, they wouldn't tell me.テつ They would force me to play and try to win.
I mean, the tennis is not about the accounting, and we don't play like football when you possibly can have a draw in the match.テつ Tennis is just one or the other.テつ So that's it.
I will try to go there and definitely not be counting any points, games, no.

Q.テつ You're still young, but it's been a while since you won at Bercy.テつ What would you say was the shot that you improved the most or the area of your game you improved the most since then?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, I would say it wouldn't be a shot, but it would be my mental preparation and mental strength on the court, you know, which help me to win many matches after that, hold many tough, even hard situation through my career through the years.テつ I think that was the biggest thing that I improve since that.
But, of course, I'm trying to improve even every shots.テつ I think I was quite successful with the serve, even with the consistency of the serve, percentage of the first serve, winning the points after the serve.
So I was not able, you know, to be on the kind of the top of the statistics in the serve.テつ For me, this was probably the biggest thing.テつ Yeah, when I play quite aggressive, I'm not able to start well the point, then whole my game is like destroyed.テつ So definitely for me it's very important to serve well.テつ I think this was so far quite successful, but there is still place to improve.

Q.テつ I want to know if you heard about the ATP vote on Indian Wells prize money and if you had an opinion on that?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, maybe I didn't heard enough of that.テつ What do you mean, like they wants to increase the prize money in the first rounds, the previous rounds?

Q.テつ Yes.テつ But the ATP may not be going along with it.
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, I mean, I don't see any reason why not to go for it.テつ I mean, that's what we all looking for.テつ If there is someone who is able to increase it, bring something more to us players, then I don't see any reason why someone could be on the side and saying, No, it's not good idea, or whatever.
I don't see any reason why there should be a problem with that.テつ I mean, that's probably the goal of all of us.テつ I mean, even the ATP should be decide, the tournaments, and us players, who trying to get more from the tournaments.テつ If there is someone who is able to do it, like why to say no.

Q.テつ Thinking of Prague again for a second, did you watch any of the Fed Cup last weekend?テつ Can you take any inspiration from the fact that the Czech women won the title?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ No, actually, I didn't watch anything.テつ I think the girls are quite used to that, to win.テつ They did it already twice in the two years.テつ They just give the turn to us.テつ It should be our team who is going to be able to do it and make the Czech tennis really the best possible year in tennis I would say ever to happen.
So, you know, we will try to definitely do that, try to fight for us, for the country, try to bring the trophy after 32 years back home.

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