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November 8, 2012

Kevin Chappell


Q.テつ What was the key in these windy conditions?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Put the ball somewhere in play and get the ball in spots where you can score and take advantage of these opportunities.
The golf course gives you four par‑5s out there, and so for the next few days I'm going to focus on those and take advantage of hitting some good iron shots.

Q.テつ It was really chilly all day and I'm impressed you just wore a golf shirt all day.テつ Did you not acclimate from California or what was that?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ I had a sweater on this morning.テつ It was just a little bit too warm for the sweater, but it was a little bit too cold for the shirt, but I was more comfortable just wearing the golf shirt.

Q.テつ This is a big week for you.テつ You come in at 123.テつ Does that number add any significance this week or are you trying to take pressure off yourself?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Obviously I'm aware of my position and trying and go out there and win every week and haven't done a very good job of that this year.テつ Just one of those situations you're in.テつ If I can get in there and hit good shots and try and win a golf tournament and give myself some position over last year, I'll be all right.

Q.テつ You looked really comfortable with the golf clubs out here?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah.テつ I had a good paring.テつ Chris and I are good friends.テつ And it was pretty leisurely round of golf.

Q.テつ Keep it going.

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