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May 29, 2004

Bob Estes


Q. First of all, do you have to mentally alter your game at all for tomorrow's now two tee-time threesomes?

BOB ESTES: No, I just have to get up earlier. I was trying to finish as low as I could so I wouldn't have to tee off quite as early. Now that we're going to be teeing off between 7:15 and 9:00, I think they said. I just have to get to bed earlier and get up early, but a lot of times playing in the morning is better than the afternoon. You don't have to wait around as long.

Q. Is it harder to play in that situation, though, because so many different things can be going on around you, so many scenarios that you don't understand, you don't know what's going on, or does it help because you just get to play your game and not get to think about chasing anybody?

BOB ESTES: It's probably best that way, also, because everybody is on the golf course at the same time. A lot of times guys get out early and tee off at 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock in the morning when the leaders aren't going off until 1:00 o'clock and get a real big jump, maybe get a good break on the weather. It's always better when everybody is playing at the same time under the same conditions.

Q. Is it an advantage to the challengers, or the people who are behind, or the people who are leading under this arrangement?

BOB ESTES: There's probably an advantage to the people that are leading because, like I said, the people that may be behind don't have as much of an opportunity to maybe catch a good break on the weather and shoot a really low score, and do some serious catching up.

Yeah, I'm sure the leaders of the golf tournament would always rather have everybody playing at the same time under the same conditions.

Q. Are you ready for a big chase tomorrow?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, but I really don't know what he is right now or what he's going to finish at. He's still got a few holes to go. I'm looking forward to it. I'm just glad I'm playing better. I've had a tough year so far. I've been working hard on my game but I don't have too much to show for it yet. I'm swinging the club better than I have. I just haven't been scoring all that well, so I'm just looking forward to playing another round of golf.

Q. Are you playing in the Open this year?

BOB ESTES: I'm not exempt. I probably have to finish 1st or 2nd in this tournament to be exempt, so I'm prepared to go to the qualifier after Memorial if I have to.

Q. Have you played Shinnecock?

BOB ESTES: I played the Open in 95. I remember it real well; it was too hard for me at the time. I'd like another shot at it now that I have more game than I had in 1995.

Q. Who should we look for at the top of the board at the Open this year, of course besides yourself?

BOB ESTES: Well, a golf course that hard you have to start at the top of the World Rankings and then work your way down, and that includes some other players that aren't the top ranked players but good wind players, because it's a pretty windy golf course and it can get windy there.

Someone who can keep the ball down and keep it rolling I think will be favored and have a real good opportunity to win.

Q. Where do you have to be tomorrow to have a chance starting off?

BOB ESTES: Well, if it's just one player, that can be a whole lot different than if there's two or three players because more than likely they're not all going to fold. The way David is playing, gosh, I wouldn't want to be any more than four or five back because you know he's going to make some birdies. He's playing real smart, as well, like he's supposed to. I'd hate to be more than four or five back, but I may be like ten back, so who knows. If first place is out of reach, then we'll just try to get to second.

End of FastScripts.

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