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June 24, 2000

Joe Ogilvie


NELSON LUIS: Very good round - sort of tale of survival there at the end...

JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, it was almost just two separate 18 holes of golf or two separate nines. Front side, I think I missed one fairway. The back side I think I hit one fairway. So 32 and 38, I mean, that sums it up right there. 11, I knocked it in the water off the tee with a 7-iron, just kind of terrible swing. Really that is about it. The wind really was a factor out there. No. 10 normally, it is just a driver, or a 3-wood. Today, I hit 3-wood off the tee, but I was really cognizant of the water I thought maybe I could hit it through the fairway through the water which I think a few guys did. Consequently, I hit it in the bunker; couldn't get to the green and didn't chip up and make par. But I certainly think the wind was a big factor on that back side. Tough to hit the ball in the fairway, tough to make -- just tough to make a birdie. 16 was really the only gimme on the back side. 11 is always going to play tough. 14 is always going to play tough. Then the bogey on 18, I just-- thought I hit -- actually, I think I had my best swing of the back side; just didn't draw for me. Hit it in the rough, hit it left in the water; then made a good bogey. But it was certainly a tough day on the back side. The front side is pretty much giving you a lot of birdies. But I think it will be the same way tomorrow whoever plays the back side the best will win.

Q. What do you foresee for tomorrow? You have been hanging around the top all week long?

JOE OGILVIE: I think it is going to be a fun game tomorrow. Bob is what, 13, 14, 15, I don't even know.


JOE OGILVIE: So now, you know, shoot 38 the back side, 3-over, I am two shots off the lead. I think it is going to be real fun. I can't wait to go play. It is fun to have a chance to win. I am very comfortable in this situation, although I haven't been here on Tour, every time I was on the Nike Tour in this situation I felt like it was my tournament to win or lose or not to lose, but to win. I am not saying I feel that right now, but I do feel very, very comfortable in this situation.

Q. What kind of number do you expect it would take tomorrow considering there are lot of people bunched at the top?

JOE OGILVIE: If it's a day like today with the wind, you know, I think if somebody gets to 15, I think they are looking pretty solid. If there is no wind, maybe 16, 17 -- 16. You know, just depends. Obviously you know, there is guys at 8-under, they'd have to shoot -- if there is no wind probably going to have to shoot 7-, 8-under to win, so that takes a lot of guys off the field. 15, 16-under is a good number.

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