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February 25, 2004

Bob Estes


BOB ESTES: Sure, yeah, it was a really ugly match. I haven't been playing any good lately and Scott had three weeks off with the birth of his baby so you could kind of figure it not being really pretty, and it definitely wasn't. We hit some good shots and made some putts but we hit a lot of really bad shots just trying to survive.

Q. You had him 2 down in the second half of the match; is that right?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, and then he won 12. He went 1 up when he birdied No. 13. So he went from 2 down to 1 up. And then on 14 he missed a short putt that he's almost always going to make that would have put me 2 down with four to go and it would have been real tough.

So that was basically the putt of the match when he missed that short one and he had to make a six-footer coming back for a bogey just to tie me, because I bogeyed that hole. And then we both birdied the next hole. But that was pretty much the key shot, because if he had made that putt on No. 14, he probably would have won the match.

Q. You've played in every one of these match play events since they started. Maybe just talk about that a little bit. You're only one of four or five guys that have done that.

BOB ESTES: That's what I heard. It kind of surprised me, but I guess a lot of guys didn't make the trip to Australia. I love match play and I love Australia, so I was definitely going to go over there. I love this tournament. It's so much fun to win. You know, you feel a sense of accomplishment in one day, as opposed to playing a stroke play tournament where you really don't know how you're doing until the 72 holes is over with. But I enjoy match play, I like the pressure, I like how I deal with it, and it's just fun.

Q. You mentioned that neither of you played well, but sometimes it's a case where you can play well and lose and you can play poorly and win. It's different than stroke play, I would guess?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, obviously it's different from stroke play, and it's just you against the guy. It doesn't matter how well you play, but that is a fact of match play. You can play well and still lose, and you can play poorly and still win. I played poorly and won.

Q. You guys know each other pretty well, both being out on Tour for a while. Obviously you want to win. Was there talking today?

BOB ESTES: There was not too much talking during the match, but we were talking before the match this morning and just occasional comments. There's no gamesmanship or anything like that. We're just doing our thing and they're doing theirs and we're playing golf and we're trying to play as best we can.

Q. You said there was pressure, but is it a different atmosphere? I see guys walking around the middle of the matches, walking from the 9th hole to the 10th hole, kind of stopping to talk to guys on the green. It's a little bit of a different atmosphere.

BOB ESTES: It is. In a sense, you can almost kind of let yourself go a little bit more times because it is match play and you don't have to worry about one bad shot or that hole necessarily, but it's just the guy's personality. I'm not going to try to change my personality too much because it's a match play tournament as opposed to a stroke play tournament.

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