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November 4, 2012

Tomas Berdych


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You open tomorrow against Andy Murray.テつ A big match, a home crowd.テつ How do you see that match?テつ Is it revenge for the US Open?
TOMAS BERDYCH: テつYeah, here every single match is going to be the big one.テつ We are just really the top guys what are here.テつ So everything's going to be really hard.
It's not going to be exception tomorrow playing Andy.テつ It's going to be probably one of the hardest to start.テつ But that's how it is.テつ Yeah, kind of a small revenge for the US Open.テつ But it's another match.テつ I hope that we going to play each other many more matches in the future.テつ So it's just one of them.
I didn't play Andy when we played, like, in his home, so let's see how it's going to be.テつ Of course, the crowd's going to be on his side.テつ But what I like about this crowd is that they are one of the best tennis crowds I ever played.テつ So I think it's going to be just fine.テつ It's going to be nice match.

Q.テつ You had a couple years of doing this, now back for the third year.テつ Great matches last year.テつ Do you feel your form is now ready to go all the way and win this title?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, I mean, it's really far to be looking already for the title.テつ There are three matches in the group, then there is a semifinal, then there is a final match.テつ It's really a lot to play.
My first opponent is Andy Murray, so I possibly cannot get anything harder than this.テつ You know, I'm definitely not thinking that far.テつ Everything what's going on in my mind, just to be really focused for tomorrow, and that's it.
That's actually what I learn from the last time, even that I lost almost the match that I was that close to win with Novak.テつ Then after that disappointing match, I was able to qualify out from the group and get to the semis.
Here is everything possible, so you really have to go one by one.テつ That's what I'm going to be really focused on.

Q.テつ The fact you have Davis Cup the following week, does that put an extra burden on you or can you block that out of your mind here?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ No, I mean, I had already the same even going to play in Paris, then coming here, and then as you said, Davis Cup.テつ Really, I just try to go at least week by week.テつ Once in that week playing the matches, I go match by match.テつ Once I'm going to be done here, then I have couple days for rest, practice, and get ready for the Davis Cup weekend.
So, yeah, I mean, there is a lot to come for me.テつ But here it's one of the most important tournaments in the year, so I'm going to be really focus on just this one and try to do the same for next week again.

Q.テつ You've been practicing here for a few days.テつ How do you assess the speed of the court and the conditions?テつ How fast is it?テつ How is it compared to last year?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Yeah, I had a chance to practice here.テつ I would say that the court is just the right speed.テつ I mean, let's see what's going to happen in the matches because always when the arena's going to be full, I think there's going to be even a bit more warmer in the arena, which makes the ball fly faster.テつ Yeah, in the points, it's always different than in the practice.
But I think the speed is really, really good.テつ I mean, it's very similar or I would say basically the same like last week in Paris.テつ I mean, it's hard to remember how exactly it was last year because when you play many other tournaments, the surfaces are just slightly small difference, then you don't remember that long time ago.
But, yeah, it's not big difference at all.テつ I mean, pretty much the same.テつ The court is just great prepared and nice to play there.

Q.テつ It's been a long season.テつ You still have this week.テつ Very important next week as well.テつ Do you feel you had a defining moment throughout the season?テつ I remember the backhand volley versus Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open.テつ Was there a defining moment?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Yeah, there was couple of them.テつ Probably, you know, from the beginning or from the first half of the year, yeah, it could be the backhand with Rafa.テつ Then I can see one more, which was in the final with Roger in Madrid where I hit the double‑fault for the breakpoint in the third set, then he took the set 7‑5.テつ So that was another one.
Yeah, I mean, let's try to find some positive ones.テつ Just looking for the bad ones (laughter).
You know, I mean, the really positive one, I don't know, it's like maybe the whole match, that I was able to finish it up, turn it around with Jo in Stockholm final where I was a set down, a break down in the second set, and I was able to win that match, which was a hard one for me.テつ Or even the Davis Cup in Argentina was really great moment for me.

Q.テつ Federer and Murray both talked about possibly needing more testing for doping in tennis.テつ I wonder how you feel about the situation.テつ Do you feel the number of tests is enough?
TOMAS BERDYCH:テつ Well, I mean, it's hard to tell.テつ I mean, I had a period of the season, I think I remember, yeah, it was beginning of the year.テつ I think I was in Rotterdam.テつ Until that time I've been tested six or seven times, which I don't even play that many tournaments since that.テつ I don't know how they can keep coming.テつ I don't remember all the tests.テつ But, I mean, I had it like probably 13, 15 a year.
I don't know if it's enough or not.テつ I don't know, if they want to be tested every single week, how many tests they had through the year.テつ For me, I think I see it like quite enough.テつ There is other things just to be probably discussed than just like how many tests a year.
I don't think this is an issue.

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