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November 3, 2012

William Bradley

Fred Bradley

Brent Burns

Rajiv Maragh


THE MODERATOR:  Live in the interview room once again with the happy connections of Groupie Doll, definitive and convincing winner in the Filly and Mare Sprint, left to right, jockey, Maragh and trainer, William Bradley and owners Brent Burns and Fred Bradley.
I think we can say a championship was won out on the race track an overpowering performance but not uncharacteristic by Groupie Doll.  I know, you own the horse, you know the horse.  Before we talk about the great things she did out on the track can you talk about what it means to have a horse be so a part of your family from start to finish?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  It means a lot.  We started with her from before she was born.  It's special to know that we're able to be down there and follow the mare out and have a filly like Groupie Doll.  It's very special to reach this point, my dad has worked a long time for this and we worked a lot of hours on the farm, and seen a lot of them not make it to the races.
So when you get here you know how special this one is and able to have one and keep this one healthy all through the campaign is exceptional.

Q.  Rajiv, you were as wide as any horse in the race, you kept your hours out in the clear where she couldn't get in any trouble, but for much of yesterday and you yourself on Hightail, if you weren't up close you wanted to be on the rail and obviously Groupie Doll is the caliber of animal where those things you don't have to worry about, I guess?
RAJIV MARAGH:  Yeah, going into the race my strategic was to get a clear trip and be confident in the her ability to overcome any biased in that area.
I didn't think going in there was a need to stay‑‑ to jeopardize getting a clear trip.  I thought it was the most crucial thing to get her clear and into her comfort zone and she'll do most of the running and she is consistent and I trust her a lot and she trusts me and we make a great team and with worked out so far.
THE MODERATOR:  Fred, while we have the microphone near you, this has to be a remarkable day for you and Buff was talking earlier on how the mare was foaled on your farm, but what does it mean to win a championship that has everybody in a state of awe?
FRED BRADLEY:  It was a great thrill, but everybody is surprised.  I don't know what they're surprised about.  We thought she was going to win all the way and my partner Brent Burns, and Carl, wherever he is and my son, of course, the trainer.  I want you to know I bred this horse, I bred thistrainer too.
THE MODERATOR:  Very prolific.  You did a great job on both counts, Fred.  Buff, the experts out here in California know what they're looking at.  They're into the workout and when a horse ships from out of town they're quick to praise and quick to find fault.
I can't think of a horse that received such unanimous praise as yours did every time she set foot on the race track, even for a gallop.  You have been able to keep her on such a finally honed edge from the time you but her blinkers on and as the year progressed, how hard was it to keep her at that level?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  I have an excellent team and they have done a great job of keeping her and watching her and they told me last week she was doing better than she was in Kentucky, and I said how is that possible?
The filly has a good demeanor to her.  She takes everything in, and she is pure class.  With that and the team that I have and the care that they have put into her, I think that's why we have been able to keep her at this level.

Q.  You have been able to prove that there is nobody left to prove for Groupie Doll as a horse she has outstanding, what are your future plans next year when she turns 5?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  I get called a big dummy for this all the time, now that we have done this people say we should sell, she is at her highest point for selling.  I've talked with my partners and before this race we would like to race her as long as she is healthy and bring her back next year because that's why we're in it.  We will discuss our plans when she is retired, but at this point we hope to come back next year and run and maybe come back here as well.

Q.  I can't help but note that is an environment different than Churchill, different than Keeneland, the World Championships Breeders' Cup and international stage.  The last time on an international stage you were taken advantage of.  How much satisfaction is there to find success like this on this particular environment?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  We're pretty excited about this, and I think we have been rewarded greatly for being able to come back and keep ensuring this game, and being here has been fabulous.
THE MODERATOR:  Buff, Rajiv knew what he was doing, but were there any anxious moments in your mind seeing the trip and that she would have to swing wide around the other horses?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  No, we thought that she would be able to stay out there and watch what the others were doing.  As soon as she came out of the gate, Rajiv did a great job riding her.  If you don't stay after this filly, she'll drop on back and we didn't want her to have too much to do.
It worked out perfectly in the end result.  That's about how I played the race out in my head, how it happened, really.
THE MODERATOR:  Brent or Rajiv, did this remind you of the Humana Distaff?
BRENT BURNS:  I'm just a song writer from Alabama.  But it seems like Rajiv always gets her into position to finish well and she always finishes strong and it's great to be with great partners, I don't know where Carl is, but Fred and Buff it's great to be in this business, the friendships and the fun.

Q.  Buff, where do you usually race in the winter?  Is she going to the farm or down south with you somewhere?  What's going on in the next few months?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  We haven't talked about it yet, but I think we will give her a little bit of a break and try that same thing next year as long as she comes back good.  She'll fly back to Churchill tomorrow morning, and then we will keep her there a few days and we will talk about it and decide where to go from there.

Q.  Can you talk about the significance of how special this horse is given the relationship between you and your father?
WILLIAM BRADLEY:  I think it's very special in that sense, my father and I‑‑ my father is the one who got me into this, and he's the sire, that's right!  I think it's very special for us to share a very special moment like this.

Q.  Rajiv, last year we spoke about you going through a learning experience and 2012 has been an exceptional year for you, you have won two Breeders' Cup races.  Would fans be right in calling you part of the riding elite now?
RAJIV MARAGH:  It's hard to get to the top level in this business.  You need to win races like this very often and I consider myself‑‑ I have been riding for nine years, but still a young jockey and do the best I can and whatever they want to call me they call me, but when I go out there I try hard every time and do the best I can.
THE MODERATOR:  Not an unexpected result but inspiring one, jockey Maragh, William Bradley, Brent Burns and Fred Bradley, congratulations on a terrific performance.

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