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November 2, 2012

Shane Lowry


Q.  A nice 66.
SHANE LOWRY:  66, I played lovely again today.  A bit disappointed the way I scored on the front nine holes there, my back nine.  I didn't birdie two easy par 5s, and made a bad bogey on the 6.
Other than that, I played lovely all day and gave myself a lot of chances and to be honest, I felt like 4‑under was probably the worst score I could have shot.

Q.  Is that the thing, to keep giving yourself chances and the way you're playing, birdies are going to come?
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Yeah, stay patient, keep doing what I'm doing and one shot at a time; all the clich√©s and hopefully the birdies will come.¬† I feel I got a nice reward, I holed a nice 20‑footer on the last, so patience paid off today.

Q.  You're enjoying yourself at the moment, aren't you?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, what's not to enjoy?  I'm playing a World Golf Championships and I'm up there in the Top 5 going into the weekend, so, yeah, looking forward to it.

Q.  How do you approach the weekend?
SHANE LOWRY:  Just like I've been doing.  Just chill out this evening, get up in the morning, go and warm up for half an hour and get out there and get down to business.
As I say, one shot at a time and hopefully I can go and shoot a decent number tomorrow.

Q.  Are you having to pinch yourself at all?
SHANE LOWRY:  No, trying not to think about it.  Just trying to keep playing.  I feel like this has been coming a while now to be honest.  Obviously it's great to be in the position I'm in and the results I've had over the last few weeks have been great, but I just have to keep pushing on, and as I say, make hay when the sun shines.

Q.  Essentially you're a fairly new guy at this game, in terms of this field.
SHANE LOWRY:  In terms of this field.  But as I said yesterday, I feel as though I belong here, so there's no reason why I can't go out on the weekend and compete.

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