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November 2, 2012

Adam Scott


Q.  Did you feel it could have been better?
ADAM SCOTT:  Could have been but I missed a few greens out there today and misjudged the chips, tricky chips, but still, you know, I'm pretty happy with 68.  It wasn't my best stuff out there, but moving in the right direction.
I think probably need to play a little better over the weekend, a bit more like I did yesterday.  I hit a few more greens.  It is tough chipping around these greens, there are quite a lot of run‑off areas and it's tricky to judge how the ball is going to respond when you hit it on your chip shots.
So hitting greens takes care of that and that will be the plan on the weekend.

Q.  You would have taken where you are after two rounds, though, wouldn't you, going into the weekend?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think I'm in pretty good shape.  Five shots is a lot when you've got a guy like Louis out in front.  He's a player who can get hot and shoot a low score like he did today.
If he does that over the weekend, he's going to make it really difficult for anyone to catch him.  Also, on a course like this, five shots is just a couple of holes to get back.  There are eagle chances and there's also a lot of trouble, so it can all turn around quickly.  Just got to see what happens.
The front nine was key for me today.  I got off to a good start again and kept pace with Louis, the leader, but I kind of slowed down on the back nine and made a couple bogeys.  But the par 5s are key around here.  You've got to keep making birdies there.

Q.  Louis made a 63 today, do you think you'll be able to catch him tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I don't know about tomorrow but as long as I catch him by the end of Sunday, that's the most important thing.
But there's a good score out there, and Louis had it today and if we have good conditions like this, someone else will shoot a low score tomorrow.  There's just so many par 5s there are reachable, lots of chances at eagle.

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