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October 15, 2004

Joe Ogilvie


CHRIS REIMER: Here with Joe Ogilvie 68, 67. Has you at 9-under for the tournament. About 45th on the Money List right now, is TOUR Championship still a goal of yours?

JOE OGILVIE: No, yeah. I played Vegas last week, I'm going to play the last two. I never made the TOUR Championship, I never finished better than 91st on the Money List. This has been a very good year and hopefully I can finish over the season. I'm thinking if I happen to get in position certainly on Sunday, or the over the next two week it's would be great to get in the TOUR Championship. I'm really thinking the top 40 to get into Augusta.

CHRIS REIMER: You're pretty familiar with this course, having played at Duke.

JOE OGILVIE: Fairly familiar. I played it a lot before Davis did the redesign and then I just played it for the first time on Tuesday and yeah, it's really appealing. Eye appealing. I think I played Pinehurst a lot at Duke. And it has that Pinehurst feel. I really enjoy that. So I know the course very well and I do enjoy coming back here. I played golf with the team, spent all day at Duke on Wednesday, played with the team, played our old college golf course. The team just killed me. I don't think I beat anyone. And I played solid. So -- but it was a lot of fun. I certainly think that there are lot of positive thoughts coming in this week because I'm so close to Duke, I had a great time with the team and I'm still very good friends with my college coach, Rob Myers, so it was a good, it's been a good week so far.

Q. Kind of had good vibes in this tune to having won on the Nike or Nationwide?

JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, it was BUY.COM and Nike, Nike Tour, BUY.COM and now Nationwide. But yeah, I had a great time here. And I love that golf course. I like the town. Hopefully I can have a good weekend this weekend and see what happens. But I'm playing solid, I'm hitting the fairways and everything except the 9th hole has gone my way this week.

Q. What's been the difference this year?

JOE OGILVIE: I think maturity certainly a little bit. I also switched my swing I worked out a lot, you can't really tell, can you? People on TOUR, I tell them I work out, they start laughing. But I got my body in shape and the swing changes I worked on two and a half years ago, when I had my bad year of 2002, I don't think I was strong enough to make them. So I really worked out a lot with guys in Austin, Texas and I can holed the positions of my swing a little bit better and my misses aren't as bad and my better shots are better. But also I'm a better putter, better driver of the golf ball. Everything -- I guess I'm just a little more tidy than I used to be. I don't -- except for No. 9 -- I don't make really dumb mistakes as much. Still going to make them, but I don't make as many.

Q. What went wrong on 9 today?

JOE OGILVIE: I hit it left off the tee. Had the worst possible lie you could get in the over in the rough there. And then I just proceeded to just chop my way around and made 6. I made 6 yesterday. I hit it pin high in 2 and fluffed a shot and then didn't get that up-and-down. So I played that hole 2-over. It's probably averaging under par, so I'm kind of giving the field probably three shots on that hole. Which that happens.

Q. You said you've worked out. Have you, you joked that other people can't notice it, but how have you noticed it? Is it like a decreased body fat, do you have greater endurance, what are the tangible benefits of it?

JOE OGILVIE: I wouldn't say decreased body fat. But I certainly have been -- I certainly think that I do a lot of core stuff and a lot of balance stuff. And my balance is better and my just overall I forget what the muscle group is called, but my dynamic flexibility, I think that's the key word there. That's just better. And I can store more energy on the back swing and kind of get it going through a little bit better, so. I was just kind of five years late to the party. Everybody started doing it five years ago, I just started doing it. But it's been better and I have for whatever reason, at the beginning of the year when I wasn't even playing great, but making cuts, I told someone, I said, you know, it just seems easier this year. I don't know if that's because it is my fifth year on TOUR, I know the golf courses a little bit better, I know how good these guys are and sometimes I'm as good as they are. Sometimes.

Q. Why were you at all resistant? You say were you five years late to the party. What was it?

JOE OGILVIE: To be honest I was too cheap to hire a personal trainer. To be quite candid. I didn't want to -- I don't know. I didn't want to spend the money. I just -- I wasn't that confident in it. I wasn't that confident in science. Every guy I -- every time I tried it, I work out with guys and I would start doing weights and I would be sore for a week. I wouldn't be able to swing a golf club, I wouldn't be able to sit down, I wouldn't be able to do anything. I was like, this can't be right. And the guys I started working with in Austin, company called Train 4 the Game, they just --

Q. Sorry, called what?

JOE OGILVIE: Train 4 the Game. They do a very specific golf workout and I, first couple of times I worked out with them I did not get -- I mean I was sore, because I was so far out of shape. But I wasn't terribly sore. I could still play golf. I could still do the things I'm used to doing. And that's really helped my game a lot. Ever since I've trained with them I've been a better player. Last year I was better, this year too.

Q. Family with you this week?

JOE OGILVIE: No. If I play well I think they will come down. They're in New York. So hopefully if I play well they will come down. My wife graduated from Duke as well, so it would kind of be fun for her.

Q. Were any of those guys from Duke over here?

JOE OGILVIE: They were supposed to come down this morning but you never know college kids. Might have been a tough night for them. I think they actually they won't be down Saturday or Sunday as well because they have got their Duke's tournament the Duke Invitational this week.

Q. Are you encouraged that every one on the team beat you?

JOE OGILVIE: They're good. They got a guy that can play out here right now called Nathan Blum. Or no, sorry, Ryan Blum. He can play right now on TOUR. He's as good as I've seen. And he knows it too. He beat me like a drum. I shot 1-under and he beat me be four. On the front nine. I only played with him one nine. He's good. Really, really good.

Q. You were glancing at CNBC on the way in. Is that one of the first things you do when you come off the course every day?

JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, I won't hit balls. I don't hit balls Thursday through Sunday. I practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then I will go home and screw around the Internet.

Q. How much time do you spend on doing that?

JOE OGILVIE: On stocks? A couple hours a day.

Q. How is it going?

JOE OGILVIE: Sometimes longer. If it's -- if I get home I'll spend from two hours or from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock on it.

Q. We have got a profit sharing thing, can you help us?

JOE OGILVIE: Talk to Schwab.

Q. What's the best thing you've ever, stock-wise, ever come upon? Best decision you ever made or best find you ever had?

JOE OGILVIE: Internet bubble notwithstanding, probably Phillip Morris, actually. And that's as boring as it gets. And there's some political, a lot of people have a problem with Phillip Morris. But I started buying it when it was 20 and it's now at 50. But they paid 2 dollars of dividends. My average cost is probably 8. It's a four bagger. In four years, that's not bad. I'm getting better at that. I was a little too aggressive there for awhile.

CHRIS REIMER: Okay. Go through the clubs here. Started on 10.

JOE OGILVIE: Started on number 10. Bogeyed 11. I 3-putted. From about 30 feet, I would say.

13, I made a birdie from four feet. Got up-and-down out of the bunker and made it from five feet.

14, I made a putt 13, 14 feet.

CHRIS REIMER: What clubs did you use there?

JOE OGILVIE: 14, I hit driver, wedge. Yeah, driver wedge.

15, got up-and-down kind of short left of the pin. Probably made a 6 footer.

CHRIS REIMER: A lot of people are saying 16 is playing pretty long today.

JOE OGILVIE: Hopefully 16 is going to be a skin. I hit a really good drive and then I hit a 5-iron to about five, four feet.


JOE OGILVIE: 18, I hit a good driver and a 9-iron to an inch.

And I missed about a six-footer on 1 for birdie.

I made a good 12 foot birdie putt on No. 2. No. 2 yesterday was a layup birdie and today it's people are going to make some bogeys on that hole.

I missed a 4-footer on 6 for a birdie. And then I made about a 22-footer on 7 for a birdie.

CHRIS REIMER: Club-wise, just take us through nine.

JOE OGILVIE: 9, I hit driver, 6-iron, 4-iron, left of the green and I didn't have a chance to get up-and-down. I missed about a 20 foot, probably about 18 footer for par.

Q. How is it playing compared to yesterday?

JOE OGILVIE: It's playing more difficult. I guess Jerry Kelly shot what, 7-under? But I think it's certainly playing more difficult. The holes, some of the holes like No. 1 was a driver sand wedge yesterday or 3-wood and a sand wedge. And it was a driver and a wedge today. A good wedge. Very few people can reach No. 2. Yesterday you could reach it maybe not with an iron but pretty close. It's just playing more difficult. The greens are going to start to firm up a little bit. They're still really, really soft. But hopefully it will keep on going.

Q. How much firmer can they get by the weekend, given how much rain we have had?

JOE OGILVIE: If the sun comes out, they can be firm by tomorrow. If the sun comes out. If they don't, if it doesn't come out, they will be firm Sunday. They will be crusty, I would assume. Because there's no humidity out there. And if the sun comes out with 25 mile an hour winds, they will get firm really quick.

CHRIS REIMER: Good luck this weekend.


End of FastScripts.

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