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November 4, 1999

Jarmo Sandelin


GORDON SIMPSON: Nice to see you here looking as splendid as ever. Nice outfit. Good playing today. You said three more rounds like this in this whether and you'd be satisfied.

JARMO SANDELIN: That would look very good, very good. But it's tough out there. And I had a good start. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. And I had good shots, very good shots.

GORDON SIMPSON: How have you been playing since the United Cup?

JARMO SANDELIN: I played last week and before that I had two weeks off and that was good, because I've been playing a lot. And last week I played solid. I didn't make too much putts on the greens. And I was still playing good. Hopefully I do that three more rounds.

GORDON SIMPSON: Did you enjoy all the week of the Ryder Cup, the whole experience of being involved.

JARMO SANDELIN: Oh, yeah, that was something really special. The atmosphere was unbelievable. And I think it's only the Ryder Cup where you get that atmosphere. It was very nice.

GORDON SIMPSON: You want to do it again sometime?


Q. What experiences have you had at Valderrama in the past? Has it been a good course for you?

JARMO SANDELIN: Thank you. I can't say -- I played here twice, '95 and '96 and I wouldn't tell anyone what scores I had. I haven't been playing too well over here. But I'm three years older and hopefully a better golfer.

Q. We have record books.


GORDON SIMPSON: Do you feel you're learning the course now, you're learning the little nuances of the course?

JARMO SANDELIN: Yes, you really have to think around this course. Even if you think, many times you're in trouble. When you're in trouble you have to get out, so you don't start to get doubles and triple bogeys.

Q. Jean Van de Velde came out and said he didn't feel he was very well-treated by Mark James at the Ryder Cup in terms of being rested for two days, he didn't feel it was right for him or the team, what was your perspective on that?

JARMO SANDELIN: You know, when I think about the team play, you have a captain, and the captain has always very difficult choices, what to do, what he thinks is the best. And when I came out there I told Jesse (Mark James) that whatever you do, I stand by you, because if you have the feeling that you want to go with someone else, that's fine. And that's the way it is in the team. I didn't expect to play more than one round. And I think he did a very good job. We had good team spirit. Next time I hope that I'm good enough to play more. It was a very close call. I think he did the right thing.

GORDON SIMPSON: Anyone else before we run through the details? Just give us the details on your card, please.

JARMO SANDELIN: On No. 4, driver, 3-wood, chip and one putt from 50 meters. 3-wood, 7-iron, 1 putt from one meter. 3-wood on the 8. I was behind a tree, so I hit the tree and then I had 50 meters left and I had a 2-putt. 5-wood up to the right, and I was behind the trees. And then I had a low wedge left and 2-putted it for about 6 meters. Driver, 3-wood to the green. I had a 9 meter eagle putt and I 2-putted.

GORDON SIMPSON: And that was it?


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