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February 20, 2002

Bob Estes


Q. The match turned out to be closer than you expected?

BOB ESTES: Yeah, you can't expect to win one real big, with as many good players as you have in the field. Anybody could be the winner. So that's to be expected.

So, yeah, it was a really good match. We hit a lot of good shots for the most part. We didn't make a whole lot of putts. He probably made a few more than I did and I probably hit a few more greens.

Yeah, we just made a lot of pars, for the most part. A few birdies, few bogeys. I think I was 1-under for the 18 holes if I am not mistaken. I may have parred the whole back nine, if I remember correctly.

Q. What was the turning point?

BOB ESTES: Since it was so close the whole way and we were even through 16, he hit his second shot in the water on 16. After I hit my second shot down there in good position, I had 102 to the hole, so I was in the right center of the fairway; so I was in really good position. He just hung his out to the right and knocked it in the water, so that was the break you're usually looking for. He was looking for one from me, but he made bogey and I made par; and so I was 1-up going into that hole. Then we both made par.

Q. How did you feel coming up 18?

BOB ESTES: Not too bad. Actually I figured -- I've been struggling a little bit with my ball-striking and hitting it better, but then I figured -- started standing a little bit taller and closer to it and hitting it much stronger. I hit some really good tee shots, except for the one on 18. Just got a little quick with that one and got it a little bit left and hit it in the bunker.

Then I hit some good putts, but my ball -- on good greens, you know, poa annua is just so tough to putt well. The guys wear soft spikes and on soft poa annua greens, the ball is going all over the place. I missed a lot of makable putts.

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