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October 28, 2012

Pablo Sandoval


San Francisco Giants - 4
Detroit Tigers - 3

Postgame Interview With:


Q.  First of all, would you describe the play on that bunt where you and Cain almost came together there?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  Yeah, it was a tough play.  I just tried to make a play.  I called it late.  But he got out of the way so quickly, so we made the play easy.

Q.  What did you feel when the ball hit by Scutaro hit the ground?
PABLO SANDOVAL:¬† It's one of the moments like he always be a clutch hitter.¬† He always be a clutch hitter in this postseason.¬† I was waiting for that moment when he came at‑bat.¬† He did a lot of things for the team.¬† He earned this situation right here, the World Series champ.¬† He's been through a lot of things in his career, so he earned this.

Q.  What kind of moment goes through your mind today after all the trials you've had, the benching two years ago, the weight, the running in the desert?  Does it seem like it was a long journey?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  You know, you learn.  You learn from the things that happen in your career.  You get up and down.  You never give up.  All the things that happened in my career, thank God it happened early rather than late in my career.  I'm just blessed to be here and part of the 2012 World Series.

Q.  Did you ever doubt that you could get here?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  I was ready for the moment.  I was waiting for the opportunity to be in the playoffs again, so I pulled everything and work together.

Q.  To which extent would you say that your three home runs in Game 1 really shook Justin Verlander and the Tigers contributed to sending the series into a whole different direction?
PABLO SANDOVAL:¬† You know, I still can't believe that game.¬† It's the game of your dreams.¬† You don't want to wake up.¬† I think this is one of the keys, you know you fight and you win to‑‑ you do a lot of things to win that game because one of the best pitchers in the league, you want to try and face him and try and win the game.

Q.  Marco and Gregor said that you helped them a lot during the whole season.  How does it feel having them both doing so great in the Championship Series and now in the World Series?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  You know, I'm happy to have two teammates from Venezuela, one the clutch hitter and the other one the Gold Glove.  That is what I call it every time.  I was just happy to be part of that group, the beautiful group we got here.
I think they earned, they're working hard, 162 games to be part of this.

Q.  Do you think one reason you guys have won this championship is because you just have so much fun together as a team and you don't feel a lot of pressure?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  Yeah, it's one of the things.  When our backs are on the wall, that's the time when we enjoy having fun, relax out there, do our thing, don't get the pressure on, see the results, day by day, game by game.

Q.  How do you account for your offensive explosion in the playoffs and in the series?  You had a pretty good season but you didn't hit for a lot of home runs, all of a sudden you come out home runs, singles, it's like you, boom, exploded.
PABLO SANDOVAL:  You know, up and down, up and down in your career.  I got surgery again, I lost muscle, I lost strength.  I think strength came back at the right moment.  All the pressure I put together to get my strength back at the right time, things came together at the right time.

Q.  When Barry gave you the nickname, did you think it would stick to you?  And now with this World Series do you think it's known beyond the Bay Area and really through all baseball fans?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  You know, when I get that nickname is when I think, it's me.  It's me.  The character is me, have fun, like a little kid, fight for everything, never lose faith.  It's important when you have teammates thinking that way, you are that guy.

Q.  With so many guys playing well in this series, what's it mean to you to be the MVP, to be the guy that wins this award?
PABLO SANDOVAL:  You know, it's a team.  It's a team.  I say thank you to my team to give me the opportunity to be here.  They fight 162 games, fight in the two last series, win six elimination games is tough.  But I'm happy.  I'm happy.  I learned.  I learned from my mistakes.  But when you learn, you see all the results, you look more mature and you put all the pieces together.

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