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August 25, 2000

James Driscoll


USGA: It's live and your floor. Whatever you'd like to say.

JAMES DRISCOLL: All right. No questions? (Laughter.)

Q. Do you have a little statement to make?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Well, I'm just happy I made it further than I did last year. Last year I played great to get to the quarterfinals. This is such a tough tournament to make it -- to go deep in. To come back the next year after losing to Gossett in the quarters and make it to the semis, I'm pretty proud of that. I hope I can just play well tomorrow and give Luke a good match.

Q. You were 3-up and 3 to go?


Q. And I can't remember what happened on the last hole, if you can refresh us?

JAMES DRISCOLL: He birdied -- he rolled in like a 25-, 30-footer on 16. Then he hit 17 in 2 to about 10 feet, two-putted for birdie. On 18 we both hit the green. I had like 45 feet, hit it up there. He gave me the par putt. Then he rolled his 25-footer just over the hole. So he really had the momentum going. I thought he was going to make that putt on 18, but didn't go.

Q. Your thoughts about tomorrow?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I don't know. I got to tighten up my swing a little bit. It was a little sloppy today. Hopefully I can find out some of the stuff I had going tomorrow -- yesterday -- on the range this afternoon and hit a lot better tomorrow. We'll see.

Q. What's your comfort level this time around compared to last year in the quarters?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I was much, much better today than I was in the quarters last year. I never really got too anxious or too nervous. I just kind of enjoyed it more than anything else, especially in the beginning. It was just kind of fun to watch all the people, all the spectators. It's just fun to be in that environment.

Q. James, how much have you seen Luke play in the past?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I've played with him a couple times in college. Maybe twice.

Q. He's played great golf this week, just lots of fairways, lots of greens. That puts a lot of pressure on his opponent. When you're playing a guy who's that steady, does it change anything in your approach?

JAMES DRISCOLL: No. I just try and play the golf course as well as I can. I don't really care how Luke plays. I'm sure he's gonna hit a ton of fairways, a ton of greens. I'm just going to try to do the same thing, make as many birdies as I can and make as few bogeys as I can and see what happens. I just play the golf course. I don't really care too much who I play or what type of player they are. I don't really change my game for any type of player.

Q. It doesn't make you more or less aggressive?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Not really. I try and birdie every hole basically. Unless the pin's crazy, I'm going to try to knock it as close as I can below the hole and try and make birdie.

Q. He described your game as, "Very methodical, consistent, doesn't do a lot wrong." If you had to describe his game, how would you?

JAMES DRISCOLL: The times I've played with him, he seems to have really good control over his ball flight, hits his iron solid. He seems to always know where it's going. He stays within himself well, and for him it's usually just a matter of how many putts he makes. And that's kind of how it's been with me for this week except for today. I was just sloppy, a little loose, and hopefully I can, you know, tighten it up for tomorrow.

Q. I didn't watch a stroke of your match today. Is Jerry longer than you are?

JAMES DRISCOLL: He hit it by me a couple times today. Is he longer than me? I think I probably hit my irons a little longer. Off the tee he was longer than me today. Definitely. I don't know if he's longer than me day in and day out. I didn't hit the ball very well off the tee. I don't know. Pretty close.

Q. Okay. I know he's -- especially for one of the Mid-Amateurs --?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Yeah, he hits it pretty good.

Q. Has this kind of been your focus all summer, kind of pointed toward here?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Kind of in the back of my mind. I don't really like to put too much pressure on this tournament though, because it's so hard to do well in. You just -- it's -- I know some people really gear their summers around it. I did a little bit this summer, but if I -- if that's all I think about is the U.S. Am for the whole summer, I used to do that in the past and end up missing Match Play, just putting too much pressure on myself. So it's been in the back of my mind, being exempt from last year, that I knew I was gonna be here. But I haven't put too much pressure on myself.

Q. James, you mentioned how he had the momentum going, Jerry I'm talking about. How difficult was it for you to maintain your composure, especially on that putt on 18?

JAMES DRISCOLL: It was tough. It was tough especially on tee balls because I didn't really know where the ball was going. So I just tried to stay aggressive and, you know, not back off. But on that putt on 18, I don't know, I just went through my routine, stayed pretty calm, hit a pretty good putt. Probably the best speed putt I had all day. My speed was really bad for most of the match.

Q. Rumor has it your whole family is watching you. Are they all here?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Yes, they're all here. They're all in this room here.

Q. Who is here?

JAMES DRISCOLL: There's my mom, my brothers.

Q. Is your good play genetics or environment then?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Probably both.

Q. Who all actually is here? Could you tell us? Mom, dad, sister, brother? Who all do we have surrounding us ready to beat us up if we ask a nasty question?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Both my parents, my sister Molly, my oldest brother isn't here, Timmy, Billy, Paul, John, Molly are here.

Q. Which one is the legend of Wannamoisett?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Timmy. The quiet one over there.

Q. Do you notice a difference playing an experienced player like Jerry Courville versus a college player, a younger player?

JAMES DRISCOLL: Not really. Everyone at this level is so good, it's -- I think sometimes there's a tendency to maybe underestimate a Mid-Am. But you're kind of stupid to do that 'cause I mean there are so many good Mid-Ams, and Jerry's one of them. I think especially his game is a lot more similar to a college player's game because he hits it so far. So I wouldn't say he's any different than any top college player.

Q. But you don't think to yourself more about strategy if you're playing someone who's a little more experienced?


Q. You don't think, "I wonder what he's doing, if he's trying something here"?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I don't think so.

Q. Are those Seersucker pants you're wearing?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I think so, yeah.

Q. I got to tell you, not a lot of 21-year-olds feel comfortable in them.

JAMES DRISCOLL: My college roommate gave them to me last year.

Q. Jesper on us tomorrow? Wearing hot pink pants?

JAMES DRISCOLL: I don't have any shorts, I'll see what I can come up with.

USGA: Any other legitimate questions? (Laughter.)

Q. My readers want to know. (Laughter.)

End of FastScripts….

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