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October 28, 2012

Peter Hanson


STEVE TODD:  Peter, many congratulations.  A fine victory out there, and it looked quite comfortable at one point and got a little tougher toward the end; fascinating but with Rory there.  Just give us your thoughts on the victory and on the day as a whole.
PETER HANSON:  We take it from the start.  Rory played really well today but he gave me a little bit of an advantage by missing five pretty makeable putts the first five holes.  Just opened up a little bit of a cushion.
And to be honest, I felt pretty comfortable playing 14 and maybe 15, as well, but when he made his eagle putt around 15 which was just truly brilliant 3, I managed to make 4 and kind of put the pressure on.  Then with making birdie on the next hole again, 16, I could really feel the pressure being on, and you could see it in his aye, he was hungry to try to get this one.
So it was just nice to get the up‑and‑down for me on both 16, 17, and then of course when he missed his putt on the last.  It felt pretty nice to dribble it down there.
STEVE TODD:  Talk us through the 18th hole then, obviously a little bit of drama, a few emotions from you, as well.  Just describe how you were feeling.
PETER HANSON:  It felt pretty good on the tee.  Like I said, I think the big putt this week for me was to make that par putt on the 17th green.  That was a big, big putt.  I felt pretty confident, good tee shot down the last.  Me and my caddie were going through the numbers and we decided to go with the shorter club to just carry on to the green and roll it down to the hole.
It came up just a fraction short.  I probably needed to pitch that second shot a good four or five yards further up the green, and it kind of stopped in its pitchmark.  And we were going through and we had two referees to see if the ball broke on the surface because then I get a free drop and then they both decided it wasn't.
Tried to hack it down there and it all came down to, I was trying to get myself ready to make that putt if I needed to.  Rory was playing so well towards the end.  I kind of had a feeling that he had a good chance of making that putt, and then it was all about me being ready to try to make mine for par to get the win.
STEVE TODD:  Your sixth European Tour victory and your second in two months.  Just try to sum up what it means to you in terms of the context of your career and how sweet it feels to win this prestigious trophy.
PETER HANSON:  This is by par my biggest win in my career, so I think all of the work I have put in to try to be ready for The Ryder Cup, I think that's really what paid off, both in Holland and even now a couple of weeks later.
So I was working really hard all the way from the US PGA when I knew that I had a good chance to make the team, and you know, pretty much with my mind‑set of being as prepared as I ever could be for The Ryder Cup.
Of course, then when you put in all of that massive amount of work, it's going to spill off in some of the tournaments around it, so I think that's what we see now.

Q.  You've had a great year, you were leading the Masters after three rounds, finished third there; with a victory now, obviously your confidence level is very high, and then going forward to next year, obviously the goal is to win a major, yes?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, of course.  Like I said, probably two days ago, I'm feeling more and more comfortable in this kind of situation.  Playing against Rory, now being world No. 1, it's a very special treat.  Of course you need to somehow manage to perform under these kind of high‑pressure situations.  Like I said, I was leading Augusta and that was my first time really in the spotlight and having a good chance of performing well in one of these big events.  I think that helped me a lot coming into these other events through the year and maybe like I say now sitting here with by far the biggest win in my career.

Q.  Can you just describe what it feels like to have Rory breathing down your neck those last few holes?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, it's not something you want really.  When I saw his eyes after he made eagle on the 15th hole, it was kind of a weird one because I was feeling pretty comfortable.  I was working myself around the golf course pretty well, not taking too many chances, and you know, putting the ball where it's supposed to be and he made that eagle and he made birdie on 16 and all of the sudden the pressure was on.
It was nice that we managed to finish on that last hole so we didn't have to go another two holes.

Q.  What's your comment on the tournament as a whole in general?  It was the first time BMW was involved here; was it a good tournament, well organised and all that?
PETER HANSON:  Yeah, very much.  Like I said at the prize giving, BMW is probably the strongest partner we have on The European Tour and they always do a fantastic job.  You have Marco that's always around with his staff.  I think coming here to this beautiful golf course; and of course me being a Swede, it feels special to have Lake Malaren Golf Course, so it has a bit of a Swedish feel to it.
Of course to me it's been a great week, and the way we get looked after from we land at the airport with the cars picking us up and we stay in a great hotel and the golf course is good; it's just five‑star.

Q.  We had a little ping‑pong game prior to the tournament this week, and I noticed that quite a lot of European Tour players play a game of ping‑pong and you also enjoyed it at the hotel; are you one of the best players on the team?
PETER HANSON:  On The Ryder Cup side, yes, but here I got beat by Marcel Siem.  He's got the edge on me.  I managed to get one set out of five this week and I really need to go back home and practise and see if I can give him a good match in the future.  But he's No. 1.

Q.  You said coming out of The Ryder Cup you had nothing to lose, but now that you have that trophy next to you, do you get a little sense of redemption or satisfaction?
PETER HANSON:  I wouldn't call it that.  Like I said Ryder Cup is so great just being part of it.  I mean, everybody reads the newspapers and like I said, I got the question, if I was disappointed not to play on the Saturday, and I said I was.  I think as an individual sportsman, we want to play.  I mean, it's just the thing that when you are part of such a good team as we had this time, it's hard to get a spot.  The only thing I can do is like I said keep working on my game and try to get better, and if I qualify for the future Ryder Cups, hopefully I can play a few more matches.
STEVE TODD:  Peter, congratulations again.

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