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October 27, 2012

Peter Hanson


STEVE TODD:  Peter, many thanks for joining us again.  Bit of a different day today, different conditions, and almost a tail of two halves for you, just take us through the day.
PETER HANSON:  It was playing different and the wind was completely different.  I think it made the golf course play quite a bit tougher today.  I didn't get off to the best of starts.  Made a few easy mistakes around 4, 5 and 8.  A couple sloppy bogeys.  It was nice to make a birdie on 9 that kind of turned around my round.
Managed to birdie another few holes coming in; 11, 13 and 15, which are kind of shorter holes where you need to take advantage of, and I think that's what I've been doing throughout the week, birdieing quite a few of the par 5s, and taking advantage of the kind of shorter holes.
STEVE TODD:  Just give us a sense of how different playing conditions were today.
PETER HANSON:  I mean, some holes like hole No. 1 that has been playing pretty tough the first couple of days, that was playing straight downwind and we had a drive and a gap wedge, and previous couple days, I think I've hit driver, 4‑iron and driver rescue.  So I mean, it's completely different.  And then of course, some of the holes we played downwind first couple of days played into the wind now.
I think most importantly, I think the tee was back on No. 4  which makes a big difference, plays like a 5‑iron or 4‑iron to a small green.  Then there's a few other holes on the front nine that plays a lot more difficult.
Like hole No.9 where you have the water all the way down the right side and the wind is into off the left; we don't feel very comfortable standing on the first day and the first couple of days, you could fly it straight over the water.  It was playing a bit different.
And they were nice to move the tee up on No. 15 and that hole was playing downwind today, so that turned into a par 4.
STEVE TODD:  Obviously Rory picked up a little bit on the back nine, as well.  You're in a fantastic position going into tomorrow and it's all set for a great day.
PETER HANSON:  Yes, it is.  It's always great to play with him, and he played a lot better than I did today and I'm feeling a little bit lucky to be one ahead still.  Always when you come up against the world No. 1, it's a big thrill and it's very enjoyable to play golf in that position.
I also know that if I'm going to beat him tomorrow, I need to play better than I did today, and really looking forward to tomorrow's game.

Q.  How about the pin locations today, other than the change of wind direction?  Does it make the course a little bit tougher today?  And also, do you think with just a one‑stroke ahead of McIlroy, it's a lot of pressure on yourself or actually do you feel more comfortable with a one‑shot lead?
PETER HANSON:  I mean, first of all, the pins were I think a little bit tougher today.  So that might have made the scores a little bit higher.
Secondly, if you have a one‑shot lead, I mean, I know it's a lead but it's really nothing.  So I think whoever gets off to a good start tomorrow is going to kind of push that round and the other guy has to play catch‑up a bit.  As we've seen, around this place, you can shoot a very, very low score.  There's a few guys just behind us that are I think 13‑under are they, 13 and 11.  So we can't count any of those players out.  So anyone, I would say, within five or six shots has a good chance of winning tomorrow.
Of course, it's up to me and maybe Rory to putt a good round together, and if we can keep that distance in between ourselves and the rest of the field, that would be great.

Q.  Two days in a row, you are leading in this tournament; does that kind of also prove it to yourself and other people that maybe you should play more matches during The Ryder Cup?
PETER HANSON:  I wouldn't say that.  I mean, it's hard to take a spot on that Ryder Cup side because you have 12 of the best players in the world.  Yes, if you're going to take a spot and play a lot of matches, you need to play very, very good golf.
I felt confident coming into The Ryder Cup with my win in Holland, and played pretty good during the practise round.  But it's all about getting the pairings right and getting the teams right.  So this time I didn't get to play a lot and hopefully I can qualify for the next Ryder Cup and maybe get to play a bit more.
STEVE TODD:  Thank you for joining us.

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