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October 25, 2012

Angelique Kerber


N. Li/A. Kerber|
6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How would you summarize your first Championships?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Yeah, it was very nice to be here.  I mean, I really enjoy my week and also my three matches.
I take a lot of experience from here and I think it brings me to another level next year, so I'm really happy that I was a part of the Championships.
I give my best I could this week, so I'm very happy to be here.  The organization and the crowd was unbelievable, so I'm really looking forward to be maybe next year here.

Q.  Looking back on your season, what's the thing that you're the most proud of?  The ranking?  The wins?  The semifinal?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think there was a lot.  Of course my first WTA win, yeah, my first title, that was the biggest thing.
Then also the semis in Wimbledon and the final in Cincinnati.  So there was a lot of, yeah, things that was very nice this year.

Q.  When the first set was over and you lost it, that meant that you were out of the tournament.  How did you feel after that first set, and what it the reason you were not so effective in the second set?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Of course I was a little bit tired from the match yesterday.  I had not so many time to recover.
Na Li was playing very well.  I give my best.  Yeah, she hit the balls very well, good, and on the lines, and I make a lot of more mistakes than yesterday.
But, yeah, I give my best and I enjoy my matches.  I mean, I enjoy my week here and also my matches.

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