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October 26, 2012

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  I was 2‑over five, I think it was and on a day when I knew that some guys were going to play well but didn't panic, knew I had to stay patient and obviously got on a really, really hot run, birdied six of the next eight and the two I didn't birdie I missed by four or five feet.  Had a lot of chances.
There's definitely a low score, and Jamie proved that yesterday, but it's not the easiest golf course.  I didn't feel like the greens were running that well this afternoon, so it's tough to keep making putts.  You've got to work hard for it out there.  But you hit a lot of good iron shots, the greens are fairly receptive and there's a lot of poles where they have put the pins, so if you hit the right shot at the right time, the ball works quite close.
Yeah, you've got to do everything right to shoot low obviously, and obviously with those two guys spreading themselves a bit from the field, it's going to be have to be a low weekend.

Q.  Race to Dubai still the aim?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly, very much is the aim.  Peter Hanson is up there in The Race to Dubai and so is Rory.  Those guys are making it tough.  I was under no illusions that I would have to play well in order to beat Rory, and you expect him to be at the top of the leaderboard, so I feel like I have to win at least one, probably two of the three events I play.

Q.  Is it the same script as yesterday?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, not really.  I felt uncomfortable with my game today to be honest with you, 2‑over through five, and I guess delighted to end up shooting 4‑under for the day.  I had a really hot run in the middle of my round where I birdied six of eight holes.
Slowed up a little bit with the finish, but you can't always control it.  I hit some good putts that didn't go in and obviously that's the difference.  All in all, good day, kept myself in touch.  Rory and Peter Hanson are playing really, really well, but that's to be expected.  There's always guys who front‑run in tournaments, but I put myself in decent position for the weekend.

Q.  There are plenty of low scores once again, but seems slightly tricky, the wind is that much more awkward today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, yesterday was very, very calm; so if you hit a good shot you were going to hit your number; whereas today there's more guesswork involved.  A few of the pins were more tricky today.  Certainly if you didn't hit a good shot you could short‑side yourself and put yourself in a tough spot.  But yeah, looking forward to the weekend really.

Q.  It's not bad when there are slight misgivings after two 68s and you find yourself in this kind of position?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, very much so.  I knew that I tried to look at it as a two‑week run at that point.  I knew there was a lot of golf and didn't just look at this week and knew that I had to stay sort of mentally sharp for next week, too.  So there was no point in getting frustrated early in my round because it wasn't going my way and got rewarded for it immediately with birdieing six of the next eight.

Q.  Essentially you know with those low scores that are possible, if you're on your game, as you certainly seem to be, you can close that gap?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, very much so.  I am playing well.  I feel like I really haven't taken advantage of the par 5s this week, so if I can do that a bit better on the weekend and continue to make a few‑‑ I've been making a few 20‑footers but I've missed quite a few putts inside five, six feet this week.  So if I can clean up around the cup and play the par 5s a little bit better, that should be good for me.

Q.  You do look pretty composed and at one with yourself this week?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I'm very relaxed obviously.  I think it's a very chilled out week staying on site.  I said to my caddie, it's almost a recharge week, you're going to bed early and getting plenty of rest.  From that perspective, it's all feeling good.

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