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October 25, 2012

Louis Oosthuizen


LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Look at the positives, the last four holes; before that, just not really hitting it off the middle of the club.  I hit two in the water, which was just off the heel, and struggled with a few shots off the heel the whole way around.
Got it right on the last four holes, and then found the middle of the club.  So yeah, I mean, I still hit fairways and hit greens.  I gave myself opportunities for birdies and made a few nice putts.
Could have finished five in a row if I made the putt on 14 and 18.  But yeah, I'm happy with 4‑under.  I know that Jamie is 10‑under, but you've got to look at second spot is 6‑under.

Q.  Any reason why you weren't middling it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I have no idea.  No, I don't know.  I think it's just a little timing off.  Probably still a bit on South African time and jet‑lag had something to do with it.  Yeah, I'm happy with the way I hit it still.

Q.  Sometimes it's strange to think, but it can be as simple as, that can't it.  You're travelling all over the world getting used to different time zones but it can upset the rhythm a tiny bit.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  It can.  But I think we are so used to that now.  I think your body adapts pretty quickly, and the swing, too.
Yeah, I'm very happy with 4‑under.  I'm pretty sure that I can have a good one tomorrow and find one more in the middle of the club.

Q.  Good to play with Branden?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, it was fun.  I wanted to ask him on the first if we were going to play for skins, and I thought, no, let's leave it.  Yeah, it's always fun playing with him.

Q.  Do you enjoy this track, despite the fact that things have not necessarily worked in your favour today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I think it sits a little better in than last year.  It was pretty brand new, but yeah, I mean, greens are probably a bit on the slower side, and it's running nicely.  It's running true and that's fine.  Once you adapt to the speed, you're fine.  But other than that, it's in really good condition.

Q.  And the length of it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I was thinking the guys that teed off early this morning, they got such a disadvantage, I think the ball probably goes nowhere that early on, but then again, Jamie shot 10‑under, so maybe we had the wrong side.

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