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October 25, 2012

David Horsey


Q.  Tell us how good 4‑under is around here?
DAVID HORSEY:  For me very good, yeah.  It's not the sort of golf course that suits me really, quite long, wide‑open fairways and my game is accuracy and I'm not that long.
So you know, it's a great score for me to start with.  Probably evened itself out with, didn't quite take advantage of the wedge shots I had, but holed a few nice ones on last.  I hit 3‑iron into the last and a few other opportunities like that.
So, yeah, it's in great condition.  Very scorable obviously with the weather, a bit of rain in the air but generally no win.  I'm sure the longer hitters will be tearing it up this afternoon.

Q.  You would have started nice and early before the rain came in, did that make quite a difference when it happened?
DAVID HORSEY:  I think it did.  We got through just about 14 holes.  14 is playing quite long today.  The tee is at the back, a 490 par 4 and with a bit of water in the air it plays a long way.  Nice to get through there.
But yeah, just depends on the weather this afternoon, I don't know what the forecast is but if the sun comes out this afternoon, we'll have got the wrong end of the draw but that's golf.  Just got to take the rough with the smooth and see what happens tomorrow.
If you're playing nicely, the greens are good enough to hole putts on.  They are pure this morning; we were second out.  I have no doubt there's a 67 out there.
It's been a while so it's nice to get a score on the board for a change and hopefully build on that the rest of the week.

Q.  Any reason for it?  We have not seen you much of late on the board.
DAVID HORSEY:  I think just trying to be too perfect is probably a good sort of summary.  Just trying to search for perfect golf shots, perfect golf swings and not concentrating on scoring and getting the ball in the hole.  So a little bit more of that today, and hopefully the rest of my career.

Q.  Is that one of those things that comes with victory, wanting to get to the next stage?
DAVID HORSEY:  I think it's from wanting to improve really.  I wanted to get better as a player but sometimes you can't hit perfect shots.  I think Jack said before, if he hits two perfect shots in a round, he's very happy.  That sort of sums it up and you have to take your leaf out of that book really and just get back to scoring.

Q.  Other side of that coin means it's probably been very frustrating at times?
DAVID HORSEY:  Very frustrating, and fortunately I've had my exemption and that's taken a bit of pressure off; at the same time, it's never nice missing cuts.  So hopefully I can build a bit of momentum now and start hitting the ground running going into next season.

Q.  It is a good time to build momentum?
DAVID HORSEY:  Yeah, next week, Singapore‑‑ win this week for next week, but right now, Singapore and Hong Kong and probably going to play in South Africa end of the year, two great events down there.  Looking forward to the end of this year and hopefully as I said, hit the ground running next year.

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