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October 25, 2012

Carol Otis


JEFF OVERTON:  You know, last year was the first time I'd ever been over here, and it was the first time I had ever gone through three gloves in a round.  Going into this year I had it stocked up.

Q.  Good round today.  Just talk about getting off to a good start.
JEFF OVERTON:  Yeah, you know, they had the tee up on 1, which I think makes it a more fun hole because you can drive it over the tree now.  The longer guys, kind of more of a risk‑reward if you hit it down there, you can have a wedge in.  I'm not necessarily long enough to drive it, but a couple guys probably are.  I drove it down there, hit a wedge in and made birdie.  I had a lot of good saves early.  I kind of screwed up the par‑5 after having hybrid in.  But it was just a really fun day.  I got to play with Danny Chia, and he was making birdies and we were just both kind of going back and forth.
And then all of a sudden I made about a 20‑footer for eagle, basically drove the green on the short par‑4, and when that sucker went in it was really exciting.  It was just an all‑around fun day.

Q.  He's a local player who's actually played here quite a bit.  Do you watch how he plays the course, pick up any tips from him?
JEFF OVERTON:  No, not really, after playing it last year I've seen it four good now.  Playing it yesterday, you got it down pretty good.  It's really one of the more fun golf courses we play because you don't‑‑ you don't necessarily have to hit driver a lot of places, but if you're hitting it straight, you can hit it down there and have some wedges in, have some more scorable opportunities.  I've been driving it really straight lately and hitting this Cleveland Classic just dead on the money.  Just got it down the middle a lot and had a lot of scoring opportunities.

Q.  It's a course where you have to use a lot of different clubs from what I'm hearing.  Is that pretty accurate?
JEFF OVERTON:  You know, it can be, but like I said, I hit a 3‑wood on 9 and I hit driver on every other hole.  Just because I'm hitting that driver so straight, it makes it fun.  You can get it down there and have some more opportunities, and when you hit the fairways you're going to have some shorter clubs in.

Q.  Getting out in the city at all, experiencing anything?
JEFF OVERTON:  Man, you know, just really been trying to get caught up.  That trip, that 18 hours or 20 hours roughly in a plane, it's exhausting.  I found a couple places around the mall area.  It's a really neat area there, it's cool.  Having a good time, and hopefully keep everything going.

Q.  An event this time a year, do you look at it as finishing your season or starting for next year?
JEFF OVERTON:  No, it's completely finishing it up.  I've been playing really well, especially as of late, and just feeling good, and it's just‑‑ you know the tournament is over with after this, the year is over.  I'm going to Italy for a few weeks after this to hang out and just excited about hopefully maybe can somehow finish it off the right way.

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