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October 24, 2012

Keegan Bradley


72-67   Total 139.  (-3)

KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, today obviously I got off to a better start.  I just wish yesterday, if I just got off to a decent start, I think I would have been right there.  But Pádraig played great.  It's great to play alongside a champion like him and learn and see what he does.  You know, I'm happy for him.

Q.¬† You just mentioned being alongside P√°draig and learning.¬† When you guys went down to the 8th green, it was very noticeable that you and Bubba and Webb went and looked at the water.¬† P√°draig was pacing around the green and looking at his putt and I was just wondering if there was‑‑ whether it was difficult to stay focused because of what you were looking at?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  When you're on that green, you'd better take a look, because it's pretty special.  I think that Pádraig after he made his putt, he joked with us, "Now I get to go watch the view."
That view, no matter where you are in the tournament or how you're playing, you kind of have to stop and look at it, because it's as good of a view on a golf course as there is in the world.

Q.  What was your yardage and club for your eagle?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:¬† On 14, I hit 129 yards, a little downwind off the left and I hit a 52‑degree wedge.¬† It's a perfect yardage, and as soon as I hit it, I said, "Be good" and it just kept spinning right back into the hole.¬† Weird to see itgo in.¬† Usually we see it but doesn't go in, and then when it drops, it's pretty fun.

Q.  When is the last time you made an eagle on a par 4?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I've made eagles an a par 4 drivable, I did in Boston.  But the last time I holed one out I think was in Kapalua last year.  It's been a while.  But really, no matter who you are or whether you're in a tournament, watching your ball go in the hole is still a lot of fun. 

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