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April 25, 1998

Bob Estes


LEE PATTERSON: Maybe just a couple of thoughts about today and heading into tomorrow.

BOB ESTES: Today was kind of frustrating, but it was a good experience. I need to be playing the last group as often as I can. So, for the most part, I played fairly well. Hit a lot of really good shots. Should have shot a couple under, but just didn't quite get it done. No. 15 was kind of a critical hole. I am sitting there in the middle of the fairway hitting a soft wedge. If that -- I was playing smart by keeping the ball to the left of the flag, so I have an uphill putt. And, then, we get up to the green and I see that they have cut the pin right on the slope as opposed to in the left quadrant or left third or whatever and I had uphill putt. Then it was back down the hill some. As it turns out, I would have been better being to the right of the flag, putting up the hill instead of over to the left. That was a real frustrating hole right there. I thought I made the birdie putt; then it got away from me about four feet as it trickled back down the hill. But, I knew it was going to be a tough 2-putt just because I kind of outsmarted myself. That was kind of a turning point in the round. Hopefully, I hit that wedge in there fairly close, maybe make birdie and I am -- then got to 14-under instead of coming back to 12-under. So, that hole was very frustrating.

Q. What do you anticipate it will be -- I guess you would like to see the pin placement different tomorrow.

BOB ESTES: I think it will be in a better place tomorrow. I just -- Yeah, I just kind of got fooled on that one. I'd like to be able to go back and play that shot again and play it to the right of the flag instead of the left of the flag and then I am probably either going to make four or five instead of four, five or six. But, that is just the way it goes sometimes.

Q. Do you usually have a pretty good idea -- Was it a matter of not knowing where the pin was relative to the front or the back or just where the slope was being below it or above it? I know you guys get those little sheets telling you precisely where the pin is, but you didn't know where it was relative to the actual slope?

BOB ESTES: Right. It was sitting right on the slope. That green on the left, slopes to the left, left of the green. So, usually, it is best to be left of the flag when the pin is over there putting up the hill. So I hit it over here left of the flag, I end up with a downhiller - uphill; then a downhill. That is even tougher than straight downhill. I thought I made the putt; it got away from me. Then I didn't hit a very good putt for my par putt, but I learned something there, too.

Q. This tournament has a history of guys coming from behind on Sunday to win this thing. Do you play tomorrow with blinders on or do you kind of keep an eye on everything going around you?

BOB ESTES: Usually, what I do -- I tell my caddie to let me know when I have to do something differently. I usually don't want to know necessarily where I stand because, you know, I am pretty much going to play the same way, no matter what. Usually, you don't have to change your strategy too much unless you get down to the last four, five or six holes, or, you know, if you have gotten off to a bad start, something like that. So, for the most part, I am typically going to play the percentages and, you know, so I am still playing the game I feel like where -- it is not like I am laying back necessarily. I am just trying to give myself an opportunity to make birdie on every hole. But, usually, that is what my caddie and I talk about. I am usually going to try to just avoid the scoreboards and just play my game for the most part and then he knows that at any point there in the round let me know if I either have to play more conservatively or more aggressively or something like that, you know, then we might talk about exactly where I stand and what I have to do coming down the stretch. Not that I have been in that position too many times lately, but hopefully that will happen more often now that I am playing much better.

LEE PATTERSON: Anything else? Thank you.

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