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October 21, 2012

Joe Kelly

Trevor Rosenthal


Q.テつ For both of you guys, are you getting more action this postseason than you thought you were going to?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Yeah, innings.テつ For me, at least, coming up in July and kind of just fighting to keep a spot on the 25‑man roster throughout the regular season and going up and down between Triple‑A, it's exciting now to find myself getting to be able to contribute in some key situations and more games more often than I have been in the past.テつ I was definitely excited.
JOE KELLY:テつ Same thing.テつ I enjoy it.テつ I mean, there's nothing better than going out there and being able to compete for your team, especially in the playoffs.テつ Being one of the younger guys, I went from starting to go into the bullpen this year.テつ I think starting you only get maybe two chances in a series.テつ But being in the bullpen you don't know if you're going to pitch.テつ And I like going out there and being in more than one game in trying to help our team win.

Q.テつ Either by advice or example what have some of the veterans on this team done with dealing with different things in postseason baseball?
JOE KELLY:テつ I've had advice from multiple guys, especially when I ask them back in the pen.テつ Guys said, Hey, you're going to be needed out there.テつ And it's basically the same thing, whatever you've done this whole season, just try to do the same thing out of the bullpen, even if you're not used to it.テつ They said pitching is pitching.テつ It's going to be shorter, obviously you're not going to get as many innings.テつ They said there's nothing like it until you get out.
I was pretty nervous my first outing.テつ I'm still getting nervous when I go out there, but I think that's only human nature.テつ The best thing is to try not to put pressure on yourself and go out and execute pitches and know you have the defense behind you.
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Same thing, I think just more by example as well as what they've said, just every person on our staff has had their own individual struggles that they've been battling throughout the season.テつ Just going out and competing with what we've got, I think the example of what they're doing this year and what they did last year, you can feed off of that.

Q.テつ To end last way in that way, and here in the postseason, how fast has this journey been for you, has it surprised you that you got to this level this fast and you're being used in these type of situations?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ It's definitely been a quick ride going from winning a championship in low‑A last year to trying to get another one here the following year at the top level.
Yeah, I haven't tried to ‑‑ I haven't had too much time to go back and reflect on it all yet.テつ Hopefully around Christmastime or something I'll be able to pinch myself and wake up and realize what happened.テつ But this is where I want to be and this is what everybody plays for that's in my shoes and it's exciting.

Q.テつ Trevor, would you describe the difference between the first time you came up and you had to go down and then when you came back up at the end, in terms of either confidence, approach, aggressiveness, because a lot of people seem to detect at least somewhat of a difference?テつ I don't know if you felt there was any.
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Definitely.テつ Just getting that first time getting your feet wet and kind of getting accustomed to the lifestyle and just the everyday grind.テつ It's different than the Minor Leagues as far as things off the field, the media and the different types of pressure, the travel, everything is a lot different.テつ Being able to see that and going back to the Minor Leagues and kind of realizing what it takes here, the preparation that goes into it and being able to make adjustments and come back up and having a second chance at it, it definitely helped.

Q.テつ Joe, does Trevor throw harder than you and does he throw harder than anybody you've seen, actually?
JOE KELLY:テつ Yes, he does.テつ He throws much harder than me.テつ I don't know what he does, but I've seen him every day in the weight room.テつ Maybe I should probably start doing what he does.
No, yeah, he goes out there and knows his best pitch is his fastball and uses it and tries to just locate it.テつ I mean, I do the same thing.テつ He's got more force.テつ I can try and throw a bunch of sinkers up there.テつ But watching this guy pitch is pretty phenomenal.テつ He's hitting 100 every time he goes out there and it's pretty fun to watch.

Q.テつ When did you realize that you could throw 100, when did that come in your mind that this is possible out of this arm?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ I mean, I've always just had a stronger arm than ‑‑ growing up than all of my peers and teammates.テつ It's been noticeably different the way the ball came out of my hand.
I guess as far as the radar gun and realizing what it was registering, never really anything I focused on.テつ Probably you guys brought it to my attention more than anybody.テつ But I guess just that ever since I've grown up, having more zip on the ball than kids my age.

Q.テつ Do both you guys aspire to be starters in the long run?テつ Joe, you've done relief, too; Trevor, mostly starting for you, but how do you see your futures?
JOE KELLY:テつ I do what these guys tell me.テつ I mean, I would love to be a starter here next year.テつ I like the battle of both jobs.テつ Starting you get to see the hitters more than once.テつ I take pride in trying to get guys out more than once, and it's fun.テつ If a guy gets a hit off me in the first inning, I can see him in the 3rd or 4th inning; it's more of a game I like to play, just to see if I can get that guy out more than he gets hits off me.
Coming out of the bullpen you might see onehitter or whatever.テつ If a guy gets a hit off you, and if Mike wants to take the ball from you, it's all right.テつ You don't know if you could get that guy out again.テつ That's why starting is fun for me.テつ I also like the bullpen.テつ Going out there and one out, three outs, just trying to do my job whenever he hands the ball to me.
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Yeah, I think just exactly like Joe said, just show up and do what they tell you.テつ Whatever they think is best is what they're going to put you in.テつ Try to help the team as much as possible.

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