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June 3, 2005

Joe Ogilvie


JOE OGILVIE: If I can shoot 66 66 I should be right there.

Q. How different is this course, whether wise, from what you're seeing now to what you're normally seeing out here?

JOE OGILVIE: Well, from year to year, the greenskeeper did a great job. Finally we're getting roll in the fairways. When you play growing up up here, when you play in October, this course is as hard as it gets in October. I mean, it's firm, it's fast, the greens are firm and fast, and it plays probably plays a couple shots a round harder than what it has the last couple years

The fairways are still pretty firm. If they can get the greens a little bit firmer and quicker it's going to play very, very difficult

Q. From a personal standpoint, being here, being part of this event, I saw you at the clinic, what kind of a week is this for you?

JOE OGILVIE: If 3 under doesn't make the cut here I'm going to have to find another job. It's great. I've had a lot of support out here, a lot of friends and family. You know, it's kind of fun doing more media, which is always nice. I think mainly once you get in the ropes, everything is the same.

You know, when you kind of look in between holes and you see friends that you haven't seen in ten years and you see people that are really, really rooting for you as opposed to just kind of out there rooting, it's kind of nice. I mean, they are definitely biased out there, which I like. It's kind of nice.

Q. Now, would you be the second most famous Ohio athlete from Lancaster?

JOE OGILVIE: From Lancaster I'd say I'm probably in these parts I'm definitely the second

Q. Do you know who I'm referring to?

JOE OGILVIE: Rex Kern, definitely in these parts. Everybody knows Rex Kern. I'd say that's probably about right. Being second to Rex Kern isn't all that bad.

Q. So to tee it up this weekend will be a thrill?

JOE OGILVIE: Yeah, it'll be good. I guess you can't win if you don't play the weekend. So that's the first goal, and I accomplished that. But hopefully 3 under is probably going to be a little bit better than middle of the pack. So if I can shoot 68 68 will look like a good week, but 66 66 might have a chance to win. So that's my goal going into tomorrow is trying to shoot well going into the weekend. Someone could go crazy and get to 12 under, but I think 15 to 18 under is probably pretty good.

End of FastScripts.

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