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May 5, 2005

Kristen Samp


LAURA NEAL: Kristen, thanks for coming in. Congrats on a good round. First LPGA press conference. Let's go over your scorecard first.

Birdied 13. Tell me the club you hit and how far the club was, do you remember?

KRISTEN SAMP: I can tell you, let's say...

Q. 136 to the pin.

KRISTEN SAMP: Oh yeah, grip 8 iron, little 8 iron. I had about probably 25 feet on that one. I made it right after Kim.

Q. 16, birdie.

KRISTEN SAMP: 16, I had right around 155, 160. I hit a little 6 iron pretty close. That was about three feet.

Tapped that in for birdie, then went onto bogey 17.

Q. What happened, three putt?

KRISTEN SAMP: The wind was tough. I chickened out a little bit, hit it left, hung up in left a little bit. Didn't get up and down.

Q. How far was your par putt?

KRISTEN SAMP: It was about 20 feet.

Then 18 was playing tough, too. I had probably 169 to the pin. I hit it short. I thought I had the right club and misjudged it, and didn't get up and down. That one was probably another 15 feet, another poor chip.

Q. Okay. You came back with a birdie on number 1.

KRISTEN SAMP: Yeah. That was good. I hit it on the left part, top shelf of the fairway. I hit it 6 iron to about 12 feet, made the putt.

Q. 7, par 5.

KRISTEN SAMP: That hole played easy today. It was downwind.

Q. No. 8?

KRISTEN SAMP: I chipped up to about six feet and made it. It was pretty tough.

Q. The birdie on 9.

KRISTEN SAMP: Drove it right down the middle of the fairway. I hit grip 9 iron to about ten feet, knocked it in.

Q. You must be pretty pleased considering the conditions and coming back?

KRISTEN SAMP: I'm mostly pleased about coming back after two bogeys getting it to 2 under and then giving them back, and getting off that train and back on the birdie train, that is a little more fun.

Q. You hit 13 of 14 fairways today. Have you been hitting it off the tee pretty good?

KRISTEN SAMP: I switched to the new Taylor Made driver, and ever since I put it in my hands I hit it great. Couldn't be happier with it.

Q. What precipitated the switch?

KRISTEN SAMP: I hadn't been hitting my drive very well in the first couple of events, the technology changes and my driver was a couple of years old. I played with a few other girls who ripped the Taylor Made. They thought it was good and I should give it a shot. Thank God I hit it great.

Q. You mentioned the break you got on No. 8, when it went in the cart path, where could that have gone? Was it headed straight in real trouble?

KRISTEN SAMP: It was headed straight over the bunkers and just happened to clip part of the cart path, which gave it an extra 20 yards to the drive. They should take driving stats on that hole. It would have been nice. I think either way it was still going to bounce up there on the hill and probably down to the fairway anyway. It put me at 120 yards instead of 160.

Q. Is the strength of your game power? Do you consider yourself a power player?

KRISTEN SAMP: No, not really. As far as length and power go, I think I am average probably. I like to chip and putt.

Q. How do you see that on the Tour now? Do you need that technology that strength to compete?

KRISTEN SAMP: I think you definitely have to keep up with it. Especially with technology and now with everybody working out. You have to keep up with it. You can fall behind if you don't stay on top of it.

Q. The previous person sitting in this chair is staying with a family where they have wine cellar with thousand bottles and a gourmet cook, what are your accommodations?

KRISTEN SAMP: I am in private housing as well within the complex here. It is very nice. I have my own floor, which is really nice. I have my own room, own bathroom. Nobody else is on that floor except me. It was pretty sweet.

Q. No wine cellar though?

KRISTEN SAMP: I haven't noticed one. Maybe I should go home and look now that you mentioned it.

Q. Shooting 4 under on a day when bad weather is predicted for tomorrow, does that give you somewhat of a comfort feeling or comfort zone knowing that you got off to a good start?

KRISTEN SAMP: I hadn't given the weather too much thought. It was always nice to get off to a good start regardless.

I have no problem playing in bad weather. I�m from the Midwest. I live in Kansas now. I know what it is like to play in nasty stuff. I think that bad weather I feel like it is almost to my advantage. I don't mind getting muddy or wet. I am a pretty good mudder. I would be fine if it rained a little bit tomorrow.

LAURA NEAL: Anything else? All right. Thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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