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October 19, 2012

Ryan Vogelsong


San Francisco Giants – 5
St. Louis Cardinals ‑ 0

Q.  Obviously it feels like the team has a little bit of new life going back home.  Can you talk a little bit about your next game, obviously Game 6, your matchup against Carpenter and what you're sort of expecting from your team as well as facing the Cardinals?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, first I thought we had good energy after last night's game.  We all kind of feel like we've been in this situation before with Cincinnati.  And it's not over until the last out.  I think both teams that are playing right now have proved that in the first round.
We're just going to play hard until the end and see what happens.  As far as Sunday's game, just going to try and compete as hard as I can and try and make pitches.  That's what it comes down to.  You can game plan all you want.  You've got to make pitches at the right time.  If you don't and miss a spot, hopefully they foul it off or hit it at somebody.  But it just comes down to making pitches.
I'm sure Carpenter is going to be on top of his game, as always.  So it's going to be an interesting game.  I'm going to have to be sharp because with him on the mound one run can lose a game for you.  I'm going to have to be ready.

Q.  When you pitch against a team a second time in a series, do you have to be worried about not trying to trick them too much or think about changing what you do to surprise them in the next ‑‑ in the second game?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I think the game dictates that.  I think you have to do what you're capable of doing and let the game dictate if you're going to change or not change.

Q.  You came into this postseason with no postseason experience.  Now you pitched a big game, No. 2, you've got another big game coming up.  Do you feel like you snap your fingers and you're a big game postseason pitcher at this point?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  No, I don't think two games doesn't make you that.  What I do think is God has been preparing me for this moment for a long time; overseas, Winter Ball 33, all the struggles.  I feel like God's been using all those situations to prepare me for this postseason.  And that's where my confidence comes from.

Q.  When you see Barry go out and do what he was able to do today, how much does that inspire the team and you as you head into this next start?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I think we feed off each other a lot, actually.  All season I saw that it seemed like for the most part when one of us threw well we kind of got on a roll, and when one or two of us struggled we kind of followed suit.  So that definitely is something that we can build off of, and hopefully I can go out and throw up a good one on Sunday and hand the ball over to Matt on Monday and he can throw a good one up and make this thing real interesting.

Q.  What we saw today defensively from this team, do you think that's something that's flown under the radar from people that think about the Giants?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Yeah, I think it's one of those West Coast things where we don't necessarily get a lot of exposure nationally during the season because most of the people on the East Coast are sleeping when we're playing our games.  But it's something that I've seen all year.  And it definitely gives you confidence as a pitcher when you're seeing plays made like that to throw the ball over the plate and let those guys do their job.  And they do it really well, all over the field.
Pablo doesn't get enough credit for his defense at third.  Obviously both Brandons are great defensively.  Marco is great.  The guys in the outfield are tremendous.  And of course Buster behind the plate.  And then we've got guys on the bench that play great defense, too, with Arias.  It's something I see all the time, so it doesn't surprise me.  But for people that don't see us all the time it might.

Q.  This team is 4‑0, on the brink of loss of sending you guys home.  Is this team more relaxed when the pressure is on?  What is really the ingredient so far for when you guys have to win that you have won?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, I can't speak for everyone else.  I'll give you my take on it real quick.  Everyone counted us out four or five times this year already.  First when Wilson went down.  People said we couldn't do it.
Then we lost Melky, unfortunately.  People said we couldn't do it.
The Dodgers made the big trade.  People said we weren't going to do it.
We go down 2 to Cincinnati, they said we're not going to do it.
I think it's the perseverance through the whole season is where we draw the confidence that until it's not over until the last out is made.

Q.  Just to build off that, do you feel it is a different mentality or a different feel in an elimination game than there is in another game in the postseason?
RYAN VOGELSONG:  I don't think the intensity with our team is any different.  I think we play the game hard every day.  You win some, you lose some.  But when you can't lose I think we definitely do play a little bit harder.

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