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October 19, 2012

Tamika Catchings

Shavonte Zellous



Q.  Shavonte, we don't have the post game notes yet, was this a career night for you, and can you talk about what it was that let you just go off like that?
SHAVONTE ZELLOUS:  I think it was.  You know, I was fired up for this game.  That Game2 left a bad taste in our mouth.  You know, we could have did a better job in a lot of different things, and I think today we made a conscious decision to do things better.  You know, take care of the ball, get rebounds.  We were in the passing lanes and we were up in them and that made the job a lot easier on our offense.

Q.¬† You're a leader on and off the court, you're on the edge of a WNBA Championship; can you just talk a little about your emotions, what it feels like?¬† You've had a great summer, Gold Medal, now possibly a championship‑‑ you're smiling.¬† Could you just share your emotion?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS:  I'm really right now just trying not to get too high after this game.  I think after Game1, it was kind of like, okay, we got this and we came out Game2 and let that slip away.
So now, same thing.  We have game three and it's like, okay, it's right there.  You feel it, like you really feel it, but I don't want to get too excited.  So I'm just glad tonight was a great team effort and Zealous, she led us straight from the beginning.
That's something we talked about after Game2, for whatever reason, she was hesitating before she shot.¬† And I don't know where‑‑ I don't want that person to come back (laughter).
The one that we had tonight, that's the one that I'm used to seeing.  And I know that if she comes out like this on Sunday, oohh, (shuddering), we'll talk about how I feel after that.  (Laughter).

Q.  As your score kept building tonight, what did your teammates say to you?  Could you sense what was going on?
SHAVONTE ZELLOUS:  Keep it going.  I mean, you know, anybody on that team can score.  Not just me, not just Tamika, not just Briann.
I think our starting five, we have a solid starting five, and you know, we started the offense by going at them on the defensive end.¬† We were able to get an attack‑‑ I mean, we was able to get deflections.¬† We were pushing up on them.¬† We didn't let them do what they did to us in Game2, and it made our job so much easier on offense.¬† If one person attacked, that loosened things up for her.¬† We know teams is going to lock down on her and try not to let her go off like, you know, she's capable of doing.
So it's our responsibility as the other four to step up and I did that tonight and it made her job a lot easier.

Q.  You've been very versatile and flexible your entire time here at the Fever, you've started, come off the bench, inside, out.  What has it been like for you to be a part of this team, because you have been so flexible and just do whatever was required you of you at the time or at the season or at the game.
SHAVONTE ZELLOUS:  It's a great feeling.  You know, just being versatile, whether I could play on the defensive end, if they need me to do things on the defensive end, I'm capable of doing that. Like tonight, they need me to step up on the offensive end, I'm capable of doing that.
So, you know, we have a great group of girls in the locker room and we all stick by each other as one.  We have a great leader in Tamika and Katie and Tammy, our vets, of keeping us together.  I'm just happy to be here.
TAMIKA CATCHINGS:  I think that's kind of been the storey of the year, too.  Going into the playoffs, moving Z and Tammy, bringing them in off the bench and now as Katie gets hurt, putting Zellous back in the lineup; just to be able to step up.
I don't think people realize how hard it is sometimes when you're in and out.  It's like you don't know what's going to happen, what the situation is.  But I think our team overall, everybody, 1 through 11 have done a great job with just the minutes that they played, getting in, just being really effective.
We have talked all year about our bench and how strong our bench is, and tonight is a prime example.  We are without Katie Douglas and Jeanette Pohlen and both of them have been instrumental all year and now we have other people stepping up, Karima Christmas, she comes in and does her job; Sasha gets in for a couple minutes, I mean, everybody, all nine players that we have played tonight.  You know, it's great to see everybody playing.

Q.  Have you ever been more in the zone than you were tonight?
SHAVONTE ZELLOUS:  I don't know, this game, I was really into it.  I'm sorry, I'm just still anxious, I'm ready to play some more.
You know, this game, I was really into it.  Like I said, Game2 left a bad taste in my mouth.  Like I was over it.  You know, we let a game slip away from us up there, so I was just focused to do whatever it was and whatever we needed to do to get this win tonight.

Q.  How important was it for Erlana to get back to playing the way she had throughout the playoffs?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS:  Really important.  I thought it was really important that E get back and get a great start tonight.
I think like Z said, just a bad taste in the mouth all around from Game2.  I know for E, one of the things she talked about was just fumbling the ball a lot and just not being herself and kind of letting the referees take her out of her game in Game2.
Tonight I thought it was really important, she came out‑‑ she was really aggressive, too, ten and 15, amazing, double‑double every game except for during the playoffs, every game except for the last one.
I know for her, she just felt like from an effective standpoint, she needed to get back on the boards.  Any time she's on the boards like that, we win.

Q.  You were here in 2009.  What do you remember about Game4 in 2009 and what do you tell your teammates about preparing for that Game4, because you have a chance now.
TAMIKA CATCHINGS:  Yeah, don't let your highs get you too high and let your lows get you too low.  I felt like we celebrated too much after Game3 in 2009 and we came out in Game4 and had an opportunity and we let it slip away.  Had to go back to Phoenix.
So you know, we sat in the huddle, I told everybody, don't get excited about this; do not get excited.  We'll come back in here tomorrow, we'll look at some video and get better tomorrow and we'll come back out Sunday.  I don't want anybody celebrating, none of that.  We don't celebrate early.

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