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October 19, 2012

Cheryl Reeve



COACH REEVE:  Questions, I don't have an opening statement.  Questions?

Q.  I don't know what else to ask except for maybe what happened.
COACH REEVE:  I don't have an answer.

Q.  Coach Dunn indicated they were basically trying to deny the ball for the most part.  Did you feel your players were getting the shots they could hit?  Were they open and they just weren't falling or were they just being completely shut down?
COACH REEVE:  I think whatever Linn said, she was exactly right. 

Q.  You're still the defending champs.  What's it going to take to get another win on Sunday?
COACH REEVE:  Score more points than them.

Q.  Anything defensively that was a surprise or difficult for you to cope with?
COACH REEVE:  I think Indiana played the way that Indiana always plays.  They defend; you defend; you have a chance to win a championship.  That's it.

Q.  I understand it's a frustrating night; are you upset with the squad, or are you just upset with the situation?
COACH REEVE:  Not upset.  Ready to move on.

Q.¬† You have talked about this being a 200‑minute series, you have 80 left.¬† What's your game plan for the 80 that are remaining?
COACH REEVE:¬† Well, we have to take the next 40 first.¬† That's the good news, too.¬† In all that, appreciate your ray of sunlight there; that it's not over.¬† Because, you know, it's obviously been a hard‑fought series and Indiana deserved everything they got today as far as how hard they played.
Fortunately for us, we get another 40 minutes to see if we can't stretch it into the final 40 minutes of the 200‑minute series.¬† Great observation, Tim.

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