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October 19, 2012

Hunter Pence


Q.  What's the mood in there like, especially compared to the way it was like before Game 3 in Cincinnati?
HUNTER PENCE:  You know, we're all just kind of rallying together.  We're just kind of relaxed and getting focused for the storm to come.

Q.  Did you do a redo of your pep talk?
HUNTER PENCE:  No, I did not.  I didn't do a redo just yet.  We've been talking.  Who knows what's to come.  I didn't ever prepare the pep talk in Cincinnati, it just kind of happened.
Right now I think we all understand that it's definitely a different feeling today.  Our backs are against the wall.  We do have the confidence from what we've accomplished in Cincinnati that that definitely gives you hope, which is a very powerful thing.

Q.  I know you said last night that you were at least for a day out of the speech‑making business.  Who would you suggest to be the best guy on the team to replace you and why?
HUNTER PENCE:  There's a lot of people that could stand up.  We have a ton of leaders.  We have a strong mindset.  I think that's the only way you get this far is by having that.
If I was to say who would give a great speech, maybe Jeremy Affeldt, he's very powerful, very strong, very well read.

Q.  Could you make an argument that the Cardinals are the best team that you have played since ‑‑ at least since the time you've come to the Giants?
HUNTER PENCE:  They've played extremely well.  There hasn't been a mistake outside of the Carpenter throw, which was a tough play, in Game 2.  They've been solid.  They have not allowed much at all as far as just solid fundamental baseball, the whole way around.  That's what you're going to face.
We've been fundamentally sound, as well, they've just gotten some big hits.  There's still life, though, and a lot of games.  So we're looking forward to ‑‑ kind of the motto right now is find a way to get back to San Francisco.  That can change the tide.  You have to face a tough one here, and get out of St. Louis and get home.  That's the motto, we've got to do everything we can to get home.

Q.  What are some of the things that have impressed you the most about this club since you've come here?
HUNTER PENCE:  Man, there's been a lot of things that are impressive.  I can go on and on.  Our bullpen has been tremendous.  There is a lot of confidence in our bullpen.  If we get a lead, they hold it.  Having that in the back of your mind at all times, if we can get ahead of a starter, we're very confident and a very tough team to come back on.
I think just the team‑like atmosphere.  I know all teams have it, but it really is ‑‑ Buster is an MVP‑caliber player, but it's a lot of different people coming up at different times.  It's kind of a clutch performance of a clutch team.

Q.  You guys haven't had the greatest record in the playoffs.  If you win this one, you get two more at AT&T.  Is that part of the comfort of this or the way you're thinking about this?
HUNTER PENCE:  Zito has been really, really good.  If you look at our record behind Zito in the last ten or so starts, I don't know exactly what it is.  I feel like we've won every single one of them.  He's been rock solid for us.  If we can go home to Vogelsong and Cain, we build a lot of confidence.
We've just got to focus as hard as we can to get there.  And get out there today and give them all we've got.

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