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October 19, 2012

Karin Sjodin


THE MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome co‑leader Karin Sjodin to the interview room.  Great round, 8‑under, no bogeys.  Run us through your day, your overall thoughts and feelings and just run through those birdies.  Some were pretty long, so run through those.
KARIN SJODIN:  I was hitting the ball really solid but maybe not very straight at all times.  The birdies I made were long putts.  I hit it close three times and missed all three.  It seems to be a good idea to hit it far away and make long putts.  My birdies were all long putts, I didn't make any short putts.  It was from here to the table or from here to there.  I had all long putts.  I hit it short three times and missed all three.
THE MODERATOR:  You had a tie for 35th last week in Malaysia.  Was there anything specifically you really wanted to improve on coming into this week that you felt like you did in this first round.
KARIN SJODIN:  I think the last week I actually hit my irons horrible all week, but my putting was amazing the first three and a half days, so that saved me until the back nine on Sunday.  So I worked quite a bit on my iron play on the range the first few days this week, and it seemed to be working today.  I hit my iron shots really bad last week, but I had really good tee shots and great putting the first 63 holes, so the back nine I couldn't save it anymore and played poorly.  I worked a lot on my iron shots early this week to be ready for today.
THE MODERATOR:  I was looking at your results, and you tied for 4th at Kraft, your career best.  Have you been playing that entire week in your mind for any confidence throughout the remainder of this season?  Obviously I think your last top 10 was back in June.  But obviously you can play on the big stage.  Have you been playing back that week, and how was that week playing in the lead on Sunday with Yani, how has it played a role in knowing you can play well enough to be in major contention?
KARIN SJODIN:  I don't know if I actually played it in my head, but I think every day waking up, I know that I can play with the best.  The way I handled myself, I think, that Sunday, I wasn't nervous, I just enjoyed it and tried my best and stayed calm the whole day.  I think somewhere in the back of my mind I'm replaying it but not so I'm aware of it.  But at least it gives me confidence, without a doubt.
THE MODERATOR:  You're one of the players that really enjoys the travel aspect of the Tour.  We talked about traveling to all of the different places in the world you guys get to go to, and you enjoy it.  What do you enjoy most about Asia and particularly Korea, coming here this week?
KARIN SJODIN:  I think Asia is just fascinating for someone who's from Sweden.  Everything, the culture, how polite everyone is and the respect shown to everyone around you.  Korea so far, I've just really enjoyed the bulgogi.  I'm learning a few Korean phrases.  It's just been a great experience.  And also seeing all the great Korean players on Tour in their home environment and how they kind of blossom and how they love to be here.  It's really neat to see.

Q.  8‑under par is the best score of the day.  Could you talk about how the course was playing?
KARIN SJODIN:  I'm afraid it's hard for me to remember any golf course, but I started off with two really good shots on the first hole and missed a three‑footer for birdie.  And then like I said, I kept hitting fairways.  I don't know if I missed any greens.  I happened to make some long putts.  I think the key on this course is hitting the right level on the greens; where it's kind of flat, you don't have big breaks when you're on the right side of the pin.
I was fortunate to be able to make some putts today.

Q.  When you came here last year, how hard was the course playing today?
KARIN SJODIN:  I have actually not been here before.  It's my first time here.  I played it the last year we were at the other course in 2007, but I have not been in Korea since then.

Q.  You used to be ranked No.1 in driving distance in the middle of 2000.  What was your driving like for today's round?
KARIN SJODIN:  I've actually started to hit it straighter.  I used to hit it far and very crooked, so I think it's being a little more mature and being out here and realizing that fairways are more important than distance at certain times.  I still hit it, I think, pretty far compared to other players, but it's a lot straighter, but that benefits me in the long run.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Karin.  Good luck the rest of the weekend.

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