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October 18, 2012

Jim Furyk


Q.  Jim, your first time to play since the Ryder Cup, but no rust.  You played very well today.
JIM FURYK:  Well, a little bit rusty.  I played a couple of rounds late last week at home with some friends of mine and got 27 holes in here with the Pro Am and nine holes on Tuesday.  So still a little rusty.  I tried to get away and clear my head, and it's been a long season, so I wanted to get away from golf, but I came out and I feel like I've been striking the ball real well.  It's just a matter of making some good decisions and course management and the things that come with playing a lot.

Q.  This golf course, course management is critical.  You need to have the right angles at things.  I thought particularly at 8 and 9, those last two birdies you weren't necessarily in the middle of the fairway, but you were on the right side of the fairway to attack the flag sticks.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, on the correct side with the right pin.  On No. 8 I was more towards the left center.  I had a good look.  If you hit it down the right side of that fairway, it's kind of a blind second shot, and No. Nine was a tough one to get it close to, but as you said, a good angle to come in from the right edge of the fairway.
You know, I made that bad mistake at seven, making a bogey on a par‑5 with a wedge in my hand, but coming back and birdieing the last two definitely takes the sting out.

Q.  You got a chance to make this still a heck of a year.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, it was a good solid year either way you look at it.  Filled with some disappointments and not getting the job done or not finishing off events, but it was a good solid year.  I was really disappointed with 2011 and felt like I still had some stuff to prove to myself, and you know, despite ‑‑ you know, I'll still have a little sour taste that I didn't win this year and had some good opportunities, but I'll still look at it as a positive year.

Q.  You played here very well a couple of years ago.  You like this place.
JIM FURYK:  I played here well last year.  I missed 2010, but it's a pretty golf course.  Sea Island is a very beautiful place, and Davis and Robin are good friends of ours, so I really ‑‑ it's a fun golf course to play.
You know, it's got some tough drives on it.  I think the greens are extremely difficult to putt, but it's just got such a fun atmosphere up here and it's a tournament that I've really grown to like.

Q.  Especially fun when the wind's not blowing.
JIM FURYK:  I agree.  I agree.

Q.  Good luck to you the rest of the week.
JIM FURYK:  Thank you.

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