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October 17, 2012

Mike Matheny


St. Louis Cardinals テや 3
San Francisco Giants ‑ 1

Q.テつ Can you tell us a little about what happened to Carlos Beltran today?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ Not exactly sure, as he ran down his first at‑bat something caught him in his knee.テつ He came back down into the tunnel and checked him out and he was not doing well.テつ So we'll know more tomorrow, for sure.テつ But it's a left knee ‑‑ he's had some issues on and off all season, on and off his whole career.

Q.テつ Could you walk us through a couple of the points in the pitching decisions, when you were quick to get Rosenthal in.テつ Is that anymore difficult with the rain coming, and then when you go to Motte for six outs, is that any kind of a hard call, at all?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ They're always hard calls.テつ You have faith in people to get outs.テつ I was really trying to not let the rain dictate the moves we made.テつ You never know when that pivotal point of the game is going to be.テつ Fortunately Trevor came in and did a nice job of getting us out of the inning.テつ Then Mujica got in a little bit of trouble, and Boggsy came in and did a terrific job.テつ Realizing the rain was close, though, at that point, and taking a risk that we might not get him out for the 8th, which is his customary spot.
But Jason, we were really hoping he would go out and be able to do what he needed to do and do it efficiently, and he did both.テつ He was terrific.

Q.テつ What Matt Carpenter has done this season, has it made it more impressive, that he hasn't gotten consistent at‑bats, but kept himself so sharp?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ But he's had as much an opportunity as anybody.テつ And he's just been so versatile that there are times when we're looking to see how we can get him in there.テつ And it's a pretty strong statement with the lineup we have that there are days when we just know that he's going to be an impact bat for us.
He's able to show his versatility defensively, like making a great play at first base today.テつ He's had a great season for us.テつ And the fact that we've had different guys go down, and he's able to step in no matter what we ask of him.テつ Those players are invaluable to a club.

Q.テつ With Motte only throwing 16, 17 pitches today, I know he went for six outs, is he considered available tomorrow at this point?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ Too early to tell.テつ We'll usually ‑‑ I'll be able to tell you after they play catch, play long toss, see how his arm feels.テつ You usually give these guys kind of some freedom to help me make that decision after they see how their arm feels.
But historically being able to stay in the pitch count that he was and the durability that he's shown throughout his career, I anticipate that he'll be okay.テつ But if not, then we'll shut him down.

Q.テつ Kyle was in trouble a lot, but it seemed like a lot of times it wasn't really hard hit stuff and he kind of dodged it.テつ How did you see how he went tonight?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ I thought it was a classic Kyle Lohse, just pitching.テつ And got into ‑‑ especially there we were in the third and ‑‑ second and third and nobody out, run comes in and able to get the double play.テつ That's huge to get out of that with just the one run.テつ And almost a momentum shifter.
After that Carp comes in and does his thing.テつ It all starts with our starting pitching.テつ And Kyle Lohse from the opening day of the season has been such a steady starter for us and does a great job of figuring out how to get outs, even when he doesn't have his best stuff.テつ I think today he would probably say he didn't have his best, but was still out making pitches and figuring out how to get outs.

Q.テつ Did picking Matt to replace Carlos have anything to do with his success also against Cain?
MIKE MATHENY:テつ No, I knew he was 4 for 4 off of him going into the game.テつ People will talk about the sample size.テつ But to me Carpenter is a guy we try to get to and get at‑bats for whenever we can.テつ He's earned that through the season.テつ Skip Schumaker is the same way.テつ We're not afraid to use these guys, even though we haven't used them much.テつ It was nice to see Matt take advantage of the opportunity, like he has all season long.テつ And it was a big shot in the arm for us, and obviously the difference maker.

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