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October 17, 2012

Bruce Bochy


St. Louis Cardinals – 3
San Francisco Giants ‑ 1

Q.  Can you confirm that Tim is starting tomorrow and if he is ‑‑
BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, Tim is starting tomorrow.

Q.  What it says about the year he's had, instead of being the No. 1 guy, he's sort of the guy you're looking at coming out of the bullpen and saving you?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, he's the guy we want out there and he's been throwing the ball well.  Tough loss tonight.  We have a good one going tomorrow.  We've got to bounce back.  It's great to have a guy like Timmy all set to go to start for us and we look forward to playing tomorrow.

Q.  You had all those men left on the base in this game, specifically with Pence.  What do you see with his at‑bats?
BRUCE BOCHY:  We had our chances.  We left too many on base.  And what you try to do in a game is create those chances that you have and he's the guy we want up there with men on base, knocked in over a hundred runs this year, he's got a knack for knocking in runs.  They made good pitches.
He's got to put this behind him like us, and be set tomorrow.  This is a frustrating game for the fellows, they did a really good job, we just couldn't get the line moving and get a run in.

Q.  That said about Pence, is there any possibility you might drop him in the order tomorrow?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, we might talk about it.  We'll talk about that once I'm done here.  But again, these guys are a big reason why we're here.  But I'll talk about the lineup once I'm done here.

Q.  Talk a little bit about that big run in the 7th inning for the Cardinals and the ball hit to Marco and did he just double clutch that, what happened?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, I don't think he had a play at home.  It would have been close.  You can't have a better or smarter second baseman than Marco.  And he just didn't quite hit it hard enough for a double play.  He did think about going home with it, but he realized that it was too risky there.  And you're still in the game two runs down versus taking too big a risk there to let the game get out of hand.  It was a big run, but as you saw, we couldn't score again, their pen did a great job on us.

Q.  Scutaro gave you a couple of good at‑bats before the delay.  Was he still feeling a little bit from the other night?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I'm sure he was gutting it out.  You get hit like that, he was a little sore today.  His knee was sore.  But he's such a tough guy.  It's really remarkable what he did when he got hit, stayed in the game and got a big hit there.  And he was determined to play tonight and made a pretty good recovery.  And played well tonight, got some big hits and says a lot about his makeup and how tough he is.

Q.  What was Major League Baseball telling you about the rain delay and what was it like in there as time went on?
BRUCE BOCHY:  They were telling us what they could see on the radar, and that there's more rain coming.  They were concerned about starting the game again with another cell coming in and having to cover the field once again.  So that's why we were in a holding pattern the whole time.
You hate to have that long delay like this, but it's part of the game.  Both teams had to deal with it.  And we just couldn't do much after the rain delay.  They brought in a pretty good pitcher.

Q.  With Lincecum tomorrow what does that do to Zito and Bumgarner?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Zito, he'll follow him in the next game.  So we have Timmy tomorrow and then Barry will start Game 5.  They're all set.  They pretty much knew what the plan was, but I held off naming them because ‑‑ for example, with the rain delay, we could have used Timmy tonight, if that thing goes extra innings and we get low on pitching, Timmy could have pitched.  But with not using him, he's got tomorrow's game and Z will follow him.

Q.  What about the decision with Zito and Bumgarner?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I think we feel that it's time to give Madison a little break.  And he's a young kid, 23.  He has been pitching a lot of innings, and we feel at this point that we're better off giving him a little break and going with Z who's done a nice job for us.

Q.  I know it's a long series, but given the pitching questions that you just addressed for games 4 and 5, you had a lineup with Matt, your best pitcher today.  Was this really the game that you needed to have?
BRUCE BOCHY:  We felt it was an important game, no getting around it.  And we got a great effort by Matt, really, he pitched well.  Made that one mistake.  He hung the slider there that went for a home run.  And other than that he really pitched well.  And he pitched very efficiently tonight.  He gave us a chance to win.  And we had our chances.
Like I said, we just couldn't get that one more hit that really would have done a lot of damage.  And you get guys on base, that's what you're hoping to do, and we did a good job of that tonight.  But that one hit was just ‑‑ it just didn't happen tonight for us.  But the guys battled hard.

Q.  How did you see the exchange of obviously Beltran going injured, leaving the game and Carpenter coming in, a guy that had success against Matt before.  Was Carpenter kind of a guy that was a red flag guy for you?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, he's a good player.  He can play first, outfield, dangerous hitter, we know it.  For some reason we have had bad luck like this, a guy has come in the game and hurt us, which he did tonight.  I know he had numbers off Matt, he had two strikes on him, but he just didn't get that slider where he wanted and he took advantage of it.

Q.  You mentioned the chances you guys missed out on.  How much of that was your hitters maybe not converting and how much was just Lohse getting things done when he was in trouble?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, a little bit of both.  But Lohse had good poise out there and made some pretty good pitches when he had to, their pen did.  You have to give credit to the opposing team.  That's why we're here.  Both sides have good pitching.  When they get in a jam you hope they make their pitches, which they did tonight for them.
But at the same time you're hoping that something happens good for you.  And guys really did a great job, I thought, every inning putting pressure on them.  But we're missing a big one tonight.

Q.  What about the catcher tomorrow night yet?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I'll talk about that once I get back with the staff.  I'll have the lineup tomorrow.

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