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November 9, 2002

Bradley Dredge


Q. How tough was it today?

BRADLEY DREDGE: This golf course is different from everything else I've played, really. It's the first time I've played here. The most difficult aspect of the course I found was the greens. The undulations were so severe, and with the strong winds today, it made it very, very difficult. I was trying as hard as I can to leave the ball below the flag, but it's not easy to do when you're coming from the trees or the semi-rough. So, it's just a tough golf course.

Q. The 14th green in particular?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I knew somebody would mention that. (Laughing).

I hit a nice tee shot, little 2-iron in the middle, hit sort of a soft sand iron to the green, just a little bit long and I got up to the green and I can see the putt I'm faced with. It was a tough putt. But it was sort of -- a bit more speed would have been good. Just caught the hog's back and putted off the green, which is a bit embarrassing, and I left myself another tough putt. So I putted up to four feet and misread that putt and missed it right. So it was a 4-putt ; technically it was a 3-putt.

Q. How long was your first putt?

BRADLEY DREDGE: That must have been approximately 60, 65 feet.

Q. And the second one?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Getting closer. The second one must have been about 20 feet. My third one was about four feet and the fourth one was about a foot. So I just gradually worked it in.

Q. What happened on the second hole?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Second hole, I was trying to hit a low, chasing drive because there's a tree in the middle of the fairway. So I hit a low chasing drive down the left side and I pulled it in the trees. From there, I had a few decisions to make. So I tried to hit a high hook which stayed to the right. From there I could not get on the green again, so I tried to hit it long right but didn't hit it far enough. Hit a chip but that went about ten or 12 feet. Believe it or not, 6s are easy to run up.

Q. Coming in here in good form?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Form is very good. My game is in good shape. You just never know week-to-week; until you sort of go out and play you just never know, especially around a golf course like this.

Q. Can you tell us your clubs at the last two holes?

BRADLEY DREDGE: On 17, I hit driver and 3-iron. And I had 79 yards shot, which I played to sort of a very low gap wedge shot. Got it up to about 12, 18 inches.

And then the last, I hit driver and I had 91 yards to the hole. So I hit my lob-wedge up there to about three or four feet. Easy hole, really.

Q. Is there a definite target for you this week?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Not a definite. If you look at it beforehand, you'd like to think, well, there's a possibility, now of finishing top to which will get me closer to the Top 15 for next year.

Obviously, that's ultimately what you're looking for. But basically, I mean, it's the old adage of taking a shot at a time and just get on, because at the end I can't control what Cabrera does or Garcia does. I'm just going to try to finish as high up as I can. Simple as that.

Q. Do you look at Phillip Price's performance in the Ryder Cup, does that inspire you?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It inspires me in that I know Phil and he's a very, very different player than myself, the way he plays. But it is sort of inspirational to see what he's doing. I wouldn't say that, yeah, I think, oh, yeah I can go and beat Phil Mickelson, Ryder Cup, but it just means that -- Phil is a great player, there's no doubt about that. He just played to his sort of -- I wouldn't say peak performance that round, but he played very well and he played well when the pressure was on. It doesn't mean everybody can do it, but it's certainly possible. Anything's possible.

Q. Overall, how does this compare for your expectations to the start of the year?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I had goals that --

Q. Goals and expectations aren't always the same thing?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I always expect a lot. I actually set sort of monetary goals, I won't tell what you they are, but I set monetary goals. I achieved the first one a long time ago and I'm going to get the second one, which is nice.

It's sort of -- I mean, obviously everybody would love to look at the end of the year and think, well, I want to be No. 1, but you have to be realistic where you are at the moment and where you want to get to ultimately. You take it, it's almost like a ladder, isn't it? You're always trying to take a step each time to the position you want to get.

Q. Are you looking forward to having a chance tomorrow?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Really looking forward to it. It will be great. I've had a lot of Top-10's this year, but I haven't really been in contention as many times as I would have liked, but Madrid and Lancome Trophee, I had two chances to win there.

So the more times you're going to get up there, the more times you're going to get comfortable with it, you're going to know what to do. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be great.

Q. Psychologically, how do you think you're going to be going down the back nine if Montgomerie or the Big Cat is in the lead, have you been in that situation before?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I don't think so, to be honest. But, I'll just put the blinkers on and just do my own thing. That's what you've got to do. I think that's what those guys do. All they can do is do the things that they are good at and they just carry on, put the blinkers on and get on with it. That's with a I've got to do.

Q. Reputation doesn't mean anything as far as you're concerned?

BRADLEY DREDGE: If you have Tiger Woods, Montgomerie, Cabrera, those guys chasing you, you've just got to sort of focus on -- as I said you've just got to focus on what you've got to do and get on it.

Q. Do you think you can do that?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, it's easy to say here, isn't it. But obviously it's more difficult to do. But that's sort of the art or secret or whatever you want to call it.

Q. And why do you think Welsh golf is very much on the up-and-up at the moment?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I think what's helped in a way, previous years what we've had, you obviously have the Welsh Golf Union who look at the amateur players. When you turn professional there's almost nobody there to help awe long a bit.

So what's happened now, you've got the Welsh Sport Council which helped to supply fitness coaches, psychologists, money, so that when you turn pro, you've actually got some backing, which is so important to the younger guys coming through. They helped me out, they helped Mark out, Price was sort of on the front of them. I think that's why we are going to get more and more players and hopefully get more and more players.

Q. When was the last time you played a course this tough with conditions as tough as today?

BRADLEY DREDGE: That's a good question. I think one course comes to mind. We played in Australian, I think Lake Karrinyup, and that course, we only played two rounds, but that course had some sort of similarities in it. It was windy and greens were quite undulating and it was difficult.

Q. What about the British Open?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, the greens made it different because the greens were a lot flatter around there and the rough is up here. Links golf is a bit different.

Q. Do you ever feel as though like you've been out there and you've gone ten rounds of boxing in a day like today?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I think this golf course, you can't sort of -- there's very few easy shots. Even if you've got a sand wedge into the green, you always have to think about it. You always have to think: Well, where do I want to be, where's the ideal place to putt from. And even when you get it on the green, sometimes when you fall five feet, you're almost sort of lag-putting it to the hole. If it goes in, it's great, but you can't really charge it.

The easiest putt I had all week was the par -3 12 today, I had a 10- or 12-footer which was dead straight. I couldn't believe my lucky stars; it was straight up the hill. It was great.

Q. Have you ever played in the final group on the final day before?

BRADLEY DREDGE: No, I don't think I have. I haven't been in the final group.

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